Orthodontist doesn’t tell me anything!!

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Orthodontist doesn’t tell me anything!!

#1 Post by Alparja » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:37 am

They only showed me my treatment plan and I’m 3 months into my treatment. They never tell my anything, what does my treatment plan mean?

It says
Malocclusion: molars (6|6) TL:I RT:I cuspids (3|3) LT:I RT:I
Arch Length : U:crowded 3mm, L: crowded 3mm
Overbite: normal Overjet: normal
Full treatment: 18-24 months
Bite correct
Level and align

Treatment sequence:

1. Récords
2. Bondall except 4s- RX EXT 4s
3. Level and align
4. Close spaces
5. Finish and detail
6. Initial deband
7. Final deband
8. Retainer checks
I just really wanna know what’s going on! She never seems to have time to talk!

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Re: Orthodontist doesn’t tell me anything!!

#2 Post by EmilyTravels » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:31 am

My ortho is the same. He spends just a few seconds with me at every appointment, it's mostly just the technician who does the work and spends time with me. He is very good and well-regarded, but just too busy. I would love more feedback and info about what he is doing each time and what his goals are, but it's hard to ask questions when your mouth is wide open!

I hope you can get some better feedback on your tx plan.

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Re: Orthodontist doesn’t tell me anything!!

#3 Post by assertives » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:57 pm

My ortho is the same too! Except that I don't even have my official diagnosis nor treatment plan.

I was just told the cost, which and how many teeth to extract and rough estimate of my treatment time and that's it.

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