Peanuty's story

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Peanuty's story

#1 Post by Peanuty » Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:21 am

Hello everyone,

this is my first post on this topic as well as this forum. I joined to surround myself more with people who are going through a similar situation, just to not feel so alone in all of this.
I want to start a 'blog' about the long process that is probably ahead of me, again...

So, why probably, and why again?:
I've had braces before, when I was in my teenage years. My orthodontist (at that time) came to a conclusion I would have to get my both upper molars (V.) removed, because I supposedly had crowding of the teeth. So 'the plan' was to get my upper 5-th teeth removed and move everything backwards to align my bite, because I had overjet. The overjet was caused by my underdeveloped lower jaw, which I came to a conclusion about years after the 'treatment' has ended. The orthodontist never discussed any other means of correcting my malocclusion.

So here I am, 10 years later:
For the past 10 years I've grown more and more self-conscious about the way my face looks, wearing hoodies all the time, always had my hair down and kind of covered my face, started avoiding social situations,... All this time my family's been telling me 'it's all in my head and probably thought I was going through some teenage phase. I am a very analytical person, so over these years I managed to realize what exactly bothered me about my face. And when I found some old photos of me, before I had the braces, I knew for sure. My nose definitely looks bigger, I have a narrow smile (teeth arch), and my profile just doesn't seem normal to me. When I did a bit more research about the bicuspid molar extraction I was shocked... I felt relieved it wasn't just 'all in my head' and furious at the same time, because the orthodontist kept pushing for me to have my molars removed despite me being very hesitant about it, and even asked if I could just get my teeth straightened instead (my front tooth was a bit crooked, not even noticeably), but my wish was refused.
Maybe worth noting: I've noticed some clicking on one side of my jaw. It usually happens when I open my mouth, but goes away if I keep my mouth closed for some time. The last time it happened I had pain somewhere near my ear for a few days. It even hurt if I touched that area. Any ideas if this is something normal that happens to people occasionally? Because it was a first for me.

Current situation:
I got an appointment with a new orthodontist to get a second opinion, which I was refereed to by someone who's undergone a similar situation. The appointment is in about two weeks and I'm getting anxious about it, not knowing if there's anything that can be done to undo the damage from the past.

Since this was an introductory post I know it was a long one and hopefully some of you made it through to the end :)

If anyone is going through a similar situation and wants to share it with me or just wants to make a comment or ask some questions, you're welcomed to do so :)

Until next time,

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Re: Peanuty's story

#2 Post by Peanuty » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:20 pm

Hello all!
Not really an update.
I just wanted to share that I'm getting really upprehensive about the schedueled first visit with my new ortho next week. It's a good kind of nervous mixed with a fear of there might not be a way to correct my issue.
I just really hope I'll be happy with the visit and for things to start turning for the better.

How can I know the ortho is a good one?
I've been burnt by a one with bad judgement in the past..tho I was still a child back then, I hope I'd be able to tell a skilled/good judgemented one from just 'another moneyseeker'..

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Re: Peanuty's story

#3 Post by acmoc » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:46 pm

I am in the same situation. I've lost all interest in doing anything.
My face is longer and narrower and so much thinner, I gained 20 lbs and nothing changed.
I'm currently in braces again hoping my jaw pain will go away and my sleeping gets better.
I hope my face gets better, but at this point who knows

I posted around 2014 when I was so excited, I read the article arcwired has on extractions, and seen vlogs and others. But I refused to acknowledge all the negative stories.

I can't believe I was okay with doing this. I wish I could have my old face back so much.

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