Late to the party, dude in braces at 28

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Late to the party, dude in braces at 28

#1 Post by throne » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:21 am

Hey all!

I've a few months into treatment, but I thought I'd swing by and share my experiences! Wish I had found this group months ago, so I'm happy to be a part of the club. Long story short, I wore braces throughout high school, instantly lost my retainer and my teeth relapsed but somehow got worse due to my wisdom teeth. I haven't been happy with my teeth and have since all but stopped smiling in photos.

I got a new job about 8 months ago with AWESOME insurance, so after hunting for the right orthodontist (one that didn't do extractions), I decided to take the plunge 4 months ago! I have top and bottom metal braces, which took some adjusting to --
both the pain and visual aspect, but I'm glad I did it! People compliment them all they time and say they suit me... still deciding if that's a compliment or not! :lol: It is really incredible watch my teeth transform into something I am happy with again.

My orthodontist said my progress is a bit slower than he had hoped, but I just got a pretty painful adjustment today, new wire and something called powerchains, so hopefully this will put me on schedule. Slated to be in braces for 24 months. Wish me luck! :tingrin:

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Re: Late to the party, dude in braces at 28

#2 Post by BlondeCam » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:16 pm

Best of luck!!!! I would take it as a compliment! I've had that said a couple of times. Makes me chuckle. One guy told me the braces take off 15 years! I think it's because I'm proud of my new super straight teeth and am s born smiler anyway. Good luck friend. We re-treats are a slightly different breed. Had them straight then messed it up in our youthful defiance! Now paying for it ourselves. Gives a different appreciation of the process.

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