Braces at 26

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Braces at 26

#1 Post by Blackdog »

Hi everyone. Today i got my upper braces and my whole mouth is so tender and at this point i don't even know where exactly the pain is originating from, my mouth feels like its been punched rapidly. I couldn't even eat anything today. I never anticipated​ it would be so hard! How will i live without food! How long will it hurt this much?
I have the condition where my upper jaw is slightly shorter than the lower jaw, so my lower incisors have been putting pressure on my upper incisors and causing them to flare out. The doc said he could relieve my condition by removing two pre molars from the lower jaw, and moving my Lower teeth back and then straightening my upper teeth. My lower braces have been there for a few months now and it was easy to handle. But today, having my whole mouth full of metal and in pain , not able to talk or eat, is the first time that having braces has been such a big nuisance. Learning to talk around my brackets is difficult.
On a side note , id been avoiding braces since my teens , since my slight overjet didn't bother me much. But since about a year or so id started experiencing pain and pressure in my mouth every morning and esp after work out. The doc told me that was because the lower jaw keeps expanding , and therefore the pressure on my upper teeth would only increase with age. So i finally decided at the tender age of 26 to get braces. I sometimes wonder if i shouldve just listened to the dentist earlier, but then , this doc is a new guy, and the earlier ones never stressed the fact that my lower jaw would be ever expanding. I guess i shouldve paid attention in science class or something. I thought my teeth position would remain the same forever!

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Re: Braces at 26

#2 Post by chrislee »

The pain should be gone completely in about 1.5 to 2 weeks time. Good luck!

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Re: Braces at 26

#3 Post by Chellesx3 »

It sounds awful! But I know what you're going through.
I got my upper braces today, including a molar rotator.
I already am so fed up with this thing... but it has to stay 3 months at least.
Hang in there, good luck!
We'll manage!

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