Scared, 36

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Scared, 36

#1 Post by Ineedaname36 »

Im 36 and have always needed braces. My parents never took me too an orthodontist. When I would mention my crooked teeth to her she would tell me "push them in"... No sesame... And I actually did that and still do at times like a habit from time to time. I finally got enough courage to go to an orthodontist and almost broke into tears when the (very kind) orthodontist told me He would advice braces for 2 years. He didnt feel invisalign was a good option. I remember hearing " class II maloclussion division 1 with a cross bite on one side and crowding. He also reccomends 2 extractions. So freaked out and embarrassed. Why didnt I just do this sooner?? I cant stand the thought of going into work with a mouth full of metal. I know everyone on this board is an adult with braces but I just need some kind of support. I am a very self concious person. I could barely make eye contact wirh my orthodontist out of pure Embarrassment. But the thought of actually having a nice smile is somewhat encouraging. My husband cringed when I first me tioned I wanted to get braces. I imagine thats the face I will see for at least 2 years when I get them.

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Re: Scared, 36

#2 Post by TheProfessor »

You can do it!!! If your smile has bothered you since you were a kid, there is no time like the present to fix it! I had braces for just over 2 years from age 39-41 and survived it. My parents barely took me to the dentist when I was young and I developed a strong dental phobia. My teeth were a little crowded as a teen and kept getting worse as I got older. I finally bit the bullet, got a lot of fillings and a root canal, and then worked up the courage to get braces (you can check out all the gory details on my thread over in "Our Braces Stories"). Yes, it was embarrassing at first and going to work that first day was really hard, but it got easier as time went on and some of my closest work friends didn't even notice when I finally got my braces off. It just wasn't a big deal to them! I talk in front of people all the time at work and even interviewed and was hired for a much better job while I was a metal mouth. Now I have a beautiful and healthy smile and I can honestly say that the annoyance and embarrassment of braces for 2 years was worth it.

Don't worry about your husband--he will get used to your new look and he will be happy for you when you start to see results!

Good luck!
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Re: Scared, 36

#3 Post by nats80 »

I completely understand your worries. I was absolutely terrified about getting mine as I knew I was going to feel so self conscious.

I am now 4 weeks in and I can honestly say I am now not self conscious at all. I of course was at first but I have finally realised that other people just really don't care and the fact that you have braces is not nearly as interesting/important to others as you'd think it would be!!

Going into work was my biggest hurdle but once everyone saw me once it wasn't an issue anymore. People are also surprisingly supportive and some probably even feel envious that I've had the guts to do something about my teeth.

I can also say I have had no pain whatsoever.

Are you getting clear Damon ones? I've found that they are a lot less noticeable.

I guess the main thing is to concentrate on the end result.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Re: Scared, 36

#4 Post by Bracingmyself33 »

I agree with the rest... The sooner you fix your teeth, the longer the period you get to enjoy them. :D

My parents never forced me into braces because coming from Southeast Asia, it is normal to have crooked teeth. But for a better oral health, I decided to take the plunge to commit myself to braces for 2 years.

It's my 2nd month with Damon clear braces. I can't be 100% sure that I am very comfortable with them, but things do get better. Generally, people don't care if you have braces or not. And people who noticed them often have a story to share. :wink: My diet has its ups and downs; There are days when I can eat almost everything (tearing them into smaller pieces, of course) and there are times when I had to convince myself that this will be the last soup for the week. On the bright side, my husband of 4 years is very supportive (though he did object mildly in the beginning) and he is also looking forward having a prettier wife (shameless, I know). :HugeGrin:

And oh, I'm 33.

Honestly, you'll be fine. :HugeGrin:

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Re: Scared, 36

#5 Post by Tinchi7 »

This is all good advice. I read your post thinking I feel sort of the same way. I just got my braces about 17 hours ago lol. I'm 32 and a bit nervous about what people think and the fact that I have to go to work with them, talking to people all day. Also, I'm going to a wedding soon, forcing me to see everyone and not cower in my house. Regardless, people are right, no one's going to care in the end, it's all anxiety that we manufacture in our heads. I'm sure once I go to work a day or 2 or have everyone see them once, I'll get over it. I went full metal braces and I know I'll adapt but I am feeling a little anxiety at the moment. Fight your fears, do what you want and you won't regret it when you have that smile you want :D

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