Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

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Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#1 Post by kbh75 »

Hi there. I am getting spacers tomorrow and braces Monday. I am 40 (yikes).

I have always wanted braces because I have one tooth on top side that is way behind others and an overbite but my parents could not afford it. Now that I know my two children won't need them I have decided to take the plunge.

It's wierd but now that I can actually affors to do it I am afraid. I am also embarrassed by my age. I worry most about the pain and whether I will be able to handle it for 18 months. I am getting Damon braces with clear on my top front six so I am also stressing about the thoughts of no coffee or red wine due to staining.

Have any of you had any regrets about getting braces later in life?

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#2 Post by metalliKa »

Hi and welcome! There are plenty of us on this forum that are much older than you and are metal mouths. So you are not alone in age. I am 45 and just got my full metal braces back in March and will be in them for a year and a half. ... 13&t=48701

I provided the above link for you to may help ease some of the fears you have regarding your decision.
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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#3 Post by NeilH »

Hi, I was 46 when I got my braces and no, absolutely no regrets whatsoever. I have had a really positive experience and have had metal brackets for over two years now. It can take longer when you get older but slow progress is still progress and as long as you take plenty of photos can see just how far you have progressed since starting. If you want to take a look at my story 'I'm going to get braces this year', you can read my detailed account of every step of the experience and hopefully this will allay any fears you may have. Good luck.

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#4 Post by ItsFreyja »

I am a 33-year-old female and still slightly embarrassed by my braces, but the end result -- both cosmetically and oral health-wise -- will be worth it! Having the clear braces in front will be a big confidence booster for you, I think. The conventional wisdom around here is that ceramic brackets do not stain (I only have metal though), and when my braces are particularly sore after an adjustment, red wine has been a real blessing!

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#5 Post by newbite »

I have the exact same braces and I can honestly say almost no one notices I have braces, largely because of the clear top/front brackets. I'm in graduate school where people are very conscious of appearances (especially undergrads, who I teach) and it hasn't been a problem. I'm going to be 34 this month and, yes, I do feel a little weird that I'm only getting to braces at this age, but that's because my background was not privileged and I am very fortunate that I can afford them at all now.

As for staining, my clear brackets aren't stained and I've even recently had gum surgery where I needed to use chlorhexidine rinse (notoriously staining) and some of my teeth are stained from it but not the brackets. I also drink a LOT of black tea and eat whatever I want and haven't stained the brackets at all.

As for the pain, it's extremely rare to have constant pain throughout treatment. Most people seem to have some pain at various times but it comes and goes and is varying levels of intensity. It's hardest to adjust in the beginning and you'll think you'll never get used to them but you will. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and we can get used to almost anything.

It's not easy having braces, you're probably going to want to rip them out at various points, but the results make it worth it. As long as you're motivated to get the results then you will push through and they'll be off before you know it!
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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#6 Post by Siobhan »

I'm 44 and no regrets. It can be a pain, for sure, but well worth it in the end. I drank coffee and red wine with a straw the entire time. It was fine, maybe a little stained by the next appointment, but nothing terrible.

Congrats on taking the plunge.

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#7 Post by sheilas »

I am 37 and in 3 weeks into braces. I have always wanted to do them so decided to take a plunge. It's definitely a huge change to my lifestyle, as I am a bit of a foodie and not eating whatever I want is challenging. The only thing that keeps me going is the end result will be worth it and braces are only temporary given the rest of my life!

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#8 Post by TheProfessor »

I got braces two months before my 40th birthday and am now 17 months into a 2 year sentence, which means I'm now a 41-year-old brace face! I'm really happy I took the plunge and am doing this for myself. The first few months are rough and go by slowly, but then you get used to the braces and time passes more quickly. I still don't love my braces as much as some archwired members, but I love what they are doing to my teeth so I can endure another 7 months!

I do a lot of public speaking and my braces were never an issue (except in my own head at the beginning). I don't care what my students think about having an "old" professor with braces. That's a definite advantage to being a mature brace face, after 40 you are more comfortable in your own skin and less concerned about what other people think!

I have the exact same setup that you are getting and my brackets haven't stained even though I drink plenty of coffee, red wine, etc.

Good luck,
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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#9 Post by aspiromusings »

Absolutely not! Taking loads of pictures and seeing the teeth move have also further convinced me that this is the best decision I've ever made in a long time

Moreover technology has also moved forward quite a bit, I read heaps of horror stories about how much it hurts and I have so say 5 months into my treatment and its pretty much business as usual on all fronts - I only avoid superbly hard or crunchy foods just because it'll be a hassle to get brackets reattached not because it hurts to any degree, I believe this would not have been possible "back in the day" hehe

I have damon clears all over (top and bottom) with only the back 4 on the bottom row being metal damons and I have had absolutely no issues with staining (I am a caffeine addict so no way I was going to give up my daily coffee fix!)

Remember, the "ugly" braced teeth look is temporary but the perfect smile look it brings after is forever :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#10 Post by kbh75 »

Thanks for your replies! Looks like everyone feels like they made the right decision. I go tomorrow to get mine on. Yikes!

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#11 Post by Bracesat57 »

Good luck tomorrow. No regrets here.

Once they are on all your anxiety will disappear. We all questioned ourselves prior to brace day. It is very normal. You will do just fine.

I deal with the public on a daily basis at work. I am very active in sports (two bowling leagues and two golf leagues). I have gotten very comfortable with them on and even refer to them as my teeth jewelry.

You will also be surprised at how many people will show you their teeth and tell you how they wished they had braces.

It is all good! Happy brace day!

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#12 Post by Whitton2015 »


I just turned 32 yesterday and the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!

Like many of your replies have said, it's always worth it in the end.
I'm now well Into my 5th month with braces and seeing the results is the best feeling ever! I'm even smiling (showing my teeth) in pictures! So thing which i have NEVER EVER done before.

It will be odd in he beginning, the feeling of the brackets in your mouth, the food you eat and of course feeling a little selfconscious around family, friends and colleagues. Some people may be a bit too polite to say anything because they feel YOU might be embarrassed talking about it but I've found personally the second I casually mention my braces to them they feel more relaxed and open up about their beace stories. :)

Bottom line nobody is doing to look down on you for wanting to better yourself! And I can 100% guarantee that it'll be SO worth it when your treatment is done.
Good luck!

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#13 Post by SunshineRay »

Hi, I got my braces on at 38 and while I was embarrassed most of the time.....I soooo wish I had done it sooner.

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#14 Post by JeniK »

I had my braces on when I was 56. I have no regrets getting them at my age. Have to say tho..I was hoping to have them off before I turned 58. My birthday is next week..and I have them them probably until November. I am ok tho..very pleased with the results!

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Re: Those in late 30s or 40s - do you regret getting braces?

#15 Post by Loopyman76 »

Hello, there.

I'm a 39 year-old dude and I got my braces 3 weeks before my 39th birthday. NO REGRETS. If anything I wish I had done it sooner. Braces can be a pain (literally). Just yesterday trying to eat a Caesars salad was quite the ordeal. While i'll be glad to get them off in a couple of years I Have never ONCE regretted getting them.

One thing I don't get is why some people are "embarrassed" by them. The LEAST annoying part of them for me is how they LOOK. I'm surprised at how many compliments I get on these things. I've had more than one female tell me they really dig guys with braces. I've been called "cute" more in the past few months than I ever have, been told I look younger with them, etc. That's definitely a morale booster for a guy who just shaved his head because of a receding hairline! I definitely have my braces "swag" going on. LOL! And I have traditional metal braces.

You'd also be surprised how many young people today actually WANT them! I say go for it and embrace it. I don't get why grown folk would be embarrassed by doing something to better themselves health and appearance-wise. The cherry on top is that once this is done I'll have straight teeth for life! (Hello, retainer). :D

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