bimax protrusion 1 month in braces

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bimax protrusion 1 month in braces

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I hate my teeth :roll: anyone who knows me would tell you that I rarely smile and I absolutely hate having my picture taken. Ive always wanted to get them fixed but I guess Ive just been making excuses not to. My job involves a lot of talking over the phone and I need to be able to speak as clearly as possible. And I dont really want to take days off work just in case it hurts as much as everybody has been telling me it would. Im 25 yo and finally, after I got a chance to get off of work for an indefinite amount of time, I decided I had enough time on my hands, finally, to get braces and get used to them just before I get back to work. Bimaxillary protrusion. Lip incompetence. These were just some of the things Ive read about online that seemed to match my case. And looking at my own mess, I agreed with much of what Ive seen that I would need to have a few teeth extracted. Some scary things about how extractions ruin your profile also popped up during my little research but I still think the extractions would work for me. I hat3 my profile as it is anyway. I think I have way too many teeth to fit my mouth. I had my wisdom teeth taken out way back and I had my 2 first premolars extracted as well. I got the braces on my lower teeth first and then the upper teeth a week later so I had some time for the extractions to heal a little. Powerchains all over. I was ready to go back to work right away but I took just one week more to just sit around and watch my teeth all day because I had absolutely nothing else to do. Its been a month and my front teeth dont stick out as much anymore. No progress with the gaps. My bite is all screwed up and i think only my right molars touch when I close my mouth. Im excited to see more changes. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and i cant wait. Everything already feels all loose except for my canines. My orthodontist says it will take about 4-5 months to get the gaps completely closed but I think it might take longer. I hope she's right though. Im smiling a lot more now even with the huge gaps and I also think I kinda photograph better. Just as long as the gaps dont show of course. Or maybe it's all in my head. Ive a huge mouth soar on my lower lip but that's fine. Im glad I got the braces. Here's wishing and waiting.

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Re: bimax protrusion 1 month in braces

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Hi Juno18, I too have always hated the way my teeth looked, I had really crowded teeth both top and bottom with impacted canine teeth on both the top and bottom too! I never ever ever smiled for photos and would cover my mouth with my hand if I laughed - when smiling it was always closed mouth!

I feel like I have the same outlook towards the braces as in they are so uncomfortable and many times quite painful, but I couldn't be happier to have that pain as it means my teeth are becoming straighter! I can't wait till they are all in line and I can finally start smiling without being self conscious! I'm only about 6 weeks in to my journey but I already see changes happening :) (I've documented my story so far - check it out if you like ☺️)

It's all worth it!

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Re: bimax protrusion 1 month in braces

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Did you only get 2 premolars extracted for 4? Keep us updated!

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Re: bimax protrusion 1 month in braces

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Re: bimax protrusion 1 month in braces

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can you post an update. Did you notice any face change?

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