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#1 Post by scraggy »

After 3 and a half years of braces, 3 operations and one power chain today. I was told at my adjustment that in 8 weeks time my braces are coming off. I Am so happy with the results. I'm so proud of my teeth and myself.

Some will know I have had a hard time with the operation but are so happy I did it.

I have a small gap that has appeared he put a power chain on.

I'm not looking forward to having retainers as I have to speak a lot in public saying a lot of s words. In to have both top and bottom removable retainers.

I have to go in the morning where they will remove the braces take moulds and then go back in the evening to pick the retainers up.

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Re: Surprissed,

#2 Post by Fionisimma »

Congratulations.... that's great news after all the challenges!!! :D

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Re: Surprised

#3 Post by TheKT »

Good for you, how exciting.

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Re: Surprised

#4 Post by jazzyjazz »

congrats :jump:

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Re: Surprised

#5 Post by scraggy »

Ty all, I'm so happy via he told me it would be 6. Months on my last adjustment it will be only 4 months.

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Re: Surprised

#6 Post by Chiharu »

Congratulations. That must be awesome feeling. :D

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Re: Surprised

#7 Post by Matilda »


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