Teeth are moving about one month into treatment

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Teeth are moving about one month into treatment

#1 Post by librarianlk »

I got my braces just over three weeks ago. I've been noticing that a few teeth are loosening up. I can see that one of my top front teeth is moving outward, to match up with the other tooth. It kind of surprised me, because in my mind, I thought the other tooth needed to move back. So that was interesting.
I also feel a few teeth move a bit. Mostly I notice it when I put on wax. I'm using a lot of wax. My mouth is still kind of cut up, off and on, but wax is a lifesaver.
When I first had the braces put on, no tooth-related pain at all. But I find now (maybe it's because teeth are starting to move) that I can't bite much with the front teeth anymore, it's too sensitive. I don't want to say it's outright pain, just an unpleasant sensation.
I'm getting a new wire in about a month, so I've scheduled my cleaning to happen while the wire is off. Everything will be nice and clean for the new wire. I'm not looking forward to the new wire, I know it will probably be less easy than this first wire, but that also means that I might start to see more progress. I'm amazed that one tooth already has moved so much! I can't imagine what a stiffer wire will accomplish.

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Re: Teeth are moving about one month into treatment

#2 Post by SunshineRay »

My teeth moved about a month in also and I remember being sooo excited!

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Re: Teeth are moving about one month into treatment

#3 Post by IamKrysie »

Being at the very beginning of this journey, I am so happy and hopeful that teeth move (even slightly) in such a short period of time.

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