Six Month Smile - Ironic?

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Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#1 Post by VixyLou86 »

So 14 years after I left the dentists crying having been told not only did I need a brace, they also wanted to remove FOUR teeth, I have finally braved it. And thank goodness I only have one tooth to lose this time round, I can't help but wonder if I had gone ahead with it at 12 years old would I have been gappy now having lost so many teeth?

So on 14/11/2012 I had my upper brace fitted. Very self conscious and eager for quick results I have opted for the six month smile system with clear (ceramic) brackets and a tooth coloured wire. But even with this less obvious brace, I still can't see myself smiling a lot for the next six months. Is it just me or is everyone suddenly staring at my mouth?... for once I wouldn't mind if men's eyes got distracted and looked a bit further down instead.

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#2 Post by Ellabelle »

Congrats on making the leap! Yes, some people may stare, but most probably won't even notice. As with so many other aspects of ourselves, we spend FAR more time thinking about it than other people ever will. Other people are too busy thinking about themselves usually. And if people notice, who cares. You're doing something positive for yourself. I know it's easier said than done, but try to be proud of your braces, they show you care enough about your health and appearance. Also it sounds like your braces are quite neutral in appearance.

I spent my whole life thinking people were staring at my imperfect teeth. When I get braced I'm going to try my best to not care what people think. Also I'll have metal ones so I won't exactly be able to hide them even if I wanted to, so I'm going to go all in and do colored ligs too. Why not.

Life's too short to hide your smile.

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#3 Post by BellaBraces »

I've got Six Month Smiles (coming off next week, YAY!) and I was very self-conscious at first. However most people were not actually looking at my mouth and I've had very few comments.

One thing I did find was that when I do smile, I have to do a big smile rather than a closed mouth smile. If I try to smile with my mouth closed my lips get caught on the brackets and I end up looking somewhat deranged.

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#4 Post by beckybrucelee »

I had exactly the same closed mouth smile derangement as Bella - just say to hell with it and smile! If people think it's too weird to look at and comment then you've got to really ask yourself why you're talking to them anyway.

The braces are for your confidence to go up at the end so embrace the last time in your life that you're going to feel awkward about smiling and just go with it.

I'm just over one month into my 6 Month Smiles treatment and they are sooo worth it the movement I've had already is nuts - I have a blog which explains all with pictures you can find it at:


(sorry for the URL being broken up - I'm a new member and it won't allowed me to post a full URL yet - just copy and delete the space)

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#5 Post by Angel269 »

I didn't go for 6 month smiles. Didn't know of anyone that provided them in my area.

I was going to get Clearstep (UK Invisalign) but due to 16 months etc I couldn't be doing with it, especially as its removable if I was to get hacked off with it.

I have ceramic fixed, with a coated archwire with clear ligatures and tooth coloured powerchain currently. I am receiving single arch treatment to close an upper midline diastema and should have these braces off in Feb. Will then get an uper bonded retainer as well as a removable Essix to be worn nightly.



My braces story: ... =9&t=42457

Big Day-22/06/12
Started using Bite Plate-14/07/12
Estimated treatment-8 months (upper ceramics)
Debond date-04/03/13

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#6 Post by Kipepeo »

Beckybrucelee, i just looked at your blog. You're a very pretty lady, and i didn't see anything bad in your open mouth smiles. But i can imagine how beautiful your smile will be when you're done.

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#7 Post by peppy »

I'm a bit worried about smiling with these in too!

My two front teeth are in a bit of an overbite that has pushed my top lip into a bit of a permanent pout... if any random men utter the words "Don't worry love, it might never happen" to me again, I might cry. It's just my face! I'm worried that the brackets will make my lips even more 'pouty'.

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Re: Six Month Smile - Ironic?

#8 Post by settlers »

Does the tooth colored archwire chip off after some time ?

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