First Day with "6 Month Smile"

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First Day with "6 Month Smile"

#1 Post by gabe18181 »

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the beginning of my journey with Six Month Smile. After purchasing the braces from living social ($2,500), I went to the dentist this morning to have them put on. I must say it was a longer process than I expected; 3 hours with my mouth open= not very fun. Since my teeth a pretty crooked and the 2 upper k-9 teeth are higher and and protrude outward, the dentist expected my end result might take as along as 12 months; maybe even more :(. Because I've always been self conscious of my teeth, I'm 32 yrs old now, I never smiled when it came to pictures or even out in public. I'm hoping this treatment gives me the results that allow me to get over this!! Right now as I type, I'm not in too much pain, rather annoyed of the rubber bands because they make my speech sound a bit funny. The purpose of the rubber bands is to keep my mouth slightly open at all times, so my teeth have room to move. I will be posting my picture of my teeth tonight or tomorrow. If anyone is in the same stage as me, or has already completed their six month smile, please post!!

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Re: First Day with "6 Month Smile"

#2 Post by beyondblessed »

Heya gabe18181, I had been putting off having my 6month smile braces for a while! I finally got them fitted yesterday, when I came out of the dentist I didn't feel much pain until a good few hours later. Apparently, it's just the pressure on the teeth and them beginning to move, which sounds promising to me! How are coping now? also are you avoiding food that might stain them?

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Re: First Day with "6 Month Smile"

#3 Post by BellaBraces »

Three hours? Wow. Mine took an hour to place.

I'm just into my seventh month and mine are due off at the end of this month. My initial estimate of treatment time was 9 months.

I haven't generally found it overly painful although my mouth the day after an adjustment can be a bit tender. I had soreness and mouth ulcers initially but they went after about 3 weeks.

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