Felis' story

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Felis' story

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Hey everyone :)

I found this place a few days ago after getting my braces; I was looking for advice and before/after pictures of older people who had decided to embark on this kind of journey. I stumbled upon this section of the forums, and was pleasantly surprised about how readily everyone shared their stories, and the amount of support received. I have to say, it really helps to see everyone elses progress on a week/monthly basis; it shows that there really is light at the end of that tunnel!

So, despite being embarrassed about the condition of my own teeth, I thought it would be only fair to share my journey too since I'm being helped out by other brave folk.

Just a quick run-down of my current situation: I was braced on my upper teeth 2 weeks ago today. I never really thought I had an issue with them, but as you can see by my photos, my molars face out and my (only) premolars are all twisted! It makes chewing somewhat difficult when the "sharp" points of my molars crash into the centre of my lowers :(

It was the lower teeth that I had the initial problem with: overcrowding. I'll grab my photos before braces and extractions from my ortho, but the pre-molars that you can see now never really "grew" completely since they were impacted against my (now missing) first pre-molars. I had the extractions done about a week ago, and everything went pretty smoothly. I was finally braced on my lowers today, so I guess I can start counting today as day one!

I've also provided a picture of my "smile" (I really don't grimace like that, it's for clarity!) That's as far down as I can bite, and it's clear to see I've been having a few issues!

I have to apologise about my teeth, actually; they look horrendous! I have no idea what the dark lines are in my upper incisors; I did ask years ago about what they were, and the dentist said this was normal? No other dentist has made an issue about this, so who knows. I have very sensitive teeth and I always wondered if this was a cause. Anyhow, I look forward to documenting my experiences, and any advice/support from you guys would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Felis' story

#2 Post by NICURN85 »

Hi and WELCOME!!! This is a really great site to share your story. I will be getting braced in a little over a month and the people on here are very inspiring and supportive. Continue to share your journey and Good Luck!!!


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Re: Felis' story

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hi there :jump:

welcome to the site and sharing your story :) :). your braces are so cute. i am looking forward to following your progress. all the best with your journey :)


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