Jay's Braces Journey...

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Re: Jay's Braces Journey...

#76 Post by VioletJay »

Argh! Wow. These bottom braces are killing my mouth. I have about eleventy hundred mouth ulcers, I've bitten both sides of my cheeks more times than I can count and I'm just....torn up. I've been on Ensure for about four days straight - I dared eat a slice of pizza tonight and the salt just burned. The inside of my lips are raw and I can't wait to heal!

On the plus side, I'm out of the phase during which I just wanted to rip my entire bottom jaw off because of the indescribably uncomfortable feeling.

Oh well. A week from now things will be much better and feel much more normal - bring it on! Apart from that I'm okay. Just normal braces stuff I guess. :)
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Re: Jay's Braces Journey...

#77 Post by TMJJill »

I've had multiple conversations with my orthodontist about the cheek biting. I end up with ridges on the inside of my mouth from all the biting. It seems like the ridges move around to different parts of my mouth as my treatment progresses too.... I've also had issues with tongue biting when sleeping. It is hard to get a good nights sleep when I keep waking myself up because I've hurt myself biting down on my tongue while sleeping. While it is frustrating, I've come to accept it is all part of the process.

I wish you well on healing your ulcers.

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Re: Jay's Braces Journey...

#78 Post by CleoAZ »

Wow - just WOW Jay! It seems like most people show noticeable movement on the bottom arch first and the tops are slower to come around, but your upper movement blows me away! In just 3 months!! Holy Moley!! congrats :BigGrin:

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