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#1 Post by 911emd »

Hello to all, I was referred to this forum by an online friend from another board. I am a 50 year old Grandma who decided it was finally time to take care of ME for a change and get my teeth straightened. So after a much overdue visit to the dentist for some extensive cleaning a couple of other minor procedures, two wisdom teeth pulled and a referral. I got my top braces on Nov 1, 2011, bottom braces followed the first of Dec and have had two subsequent adjustments since then. Projected durations tied to these things 24 mos.

I don't find any of it terribly painful, but it is awful difficult to chew anything comfortably and makes eating not all that pleasant. I find myself daydreaming about biting into a big ole sandwhich or steak LOL. Oh well perhaps I'll lose this extra 30 lbs that need to go, sure hope so.

Anyway hope to make some friends here and offer support to others.

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#2 Post by smilingoutloud22 »

Hello! Congrats on taking that big step. How are you doing?

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#3 Post by kellyb »

hey :jump:
welcome! and congrats on taking the plunge. wishing you all the best on your journey. look forward to hearing more about the progress.


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Re: New to Forum

#4 Post by BetsyBug »

Welcome!!!!! Glad to have you here!!!
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#5 Post by LEtranger »

Welcome and good luck!

Also daydreaming about food.
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