Can I do it?

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Re: Can I do it?

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Glad you are enjoying your work with Eric! You are being so brave and you've come so far. Well done!


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Re: Can I do it?

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Re: Can I do it?

#528 Post by Mylovedtheeth »

How are you doing?
I'm debraced after 2 rears and 1 weak of treatment.

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Re: Can I do it?

#529 Post by EbonyQ »

Mylovedtheeth wrote:How are you doing?
Wow guys, it´s been like forever! How are you all holding up?

A lot have happened since I "left". I´m got my uppers back on again in feb. this year. My ortho (who I now work full time with) and I wanted to give it another try. We took a few brackets one day and another ones a week later, giving my anxiety/ dental phobia time to adjust.

Even though that I now work with my ortho he still treats me just the same as when I was only a pt. Like he got the time in the world and takes things is small parts. For almost 2,5 years I have been his "crazy dental fear pt" and we sometimes make a few jokes about how insane my phobia really was back then and how far I have gotten, how much I can do today.

So my journey started with me as a dental phobia pt who cried just by the thought of braces and now work as a ortho assistant with the ortho who took the time to help me and changed my life :D

I´m forever grateful for what he did!


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Re: Can I do it?

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Hi Ebony! So happy you updated us... I think I read your whole story in one night! I'm glad you've got your uppers back on. And hey, they say that teeth that move slower are more likely to stay in their positions, so maybe you've got the advantage over standard treatment anyway! :)

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Re: Can I do it?

#531 Post by Mylovedtheeth »

Wow, nice to hear. I was already fought you were gone forever. Don't leave us! I still have my braces too but last time my ortho finally said we are slowly going to the end. My phobia is much less than in the beginning, still have crazy days but my ortho give me his personal cell and I can call him any time. I don't do this often but a possibility of calling makes me calm and safe.
I'm debraced after 2 rears and 1 weak of treatment.

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Re: Can I do it?

#532 Post by jem »

Hello Eb,

Good to hear you are still around and have persisted with your treatment. Please post some pics!

I had my final ortho visit yesetrday at almost 12 months since debracing. Everything is OK. Still glad I did it, as I am sure you will be

Best wishes,

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Re: Can I do it?

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So glad you are doing so well!!

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Re: Can I do it?

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I am happy to find your story and will add this one to my reading list!
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Re: Can I do it?

#535 Post by artificially »

Wow, I read your thread super long. But I am glad that you didn't cancel your appointment and followed through. I hope I have the same courage next friday. :)

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