Bonding on some of the top teeth,,,,,

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Kinda Nervous
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Bonding on some of the top teeth,,,,,

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My braces are coming off next month , very happy with the bottom
but my top two teeth need some bonding. I"m having impressions
taking next week, for retainer do I get bonding done before retainer
or wait until after I'm fitted for retainer?

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Re: Bonding on some of the top teeth,,,,,

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That's up to your ortho. I'm having quite a bit of bridgework done after my braces are off and the price for my braces includes numerous retainers. One when the braces are off and one after each new crown/implant/bridge is done, as well as some bonding. The ortho knows all of that work can't be done all at once so he pretty much knew there would be several retainers made.

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