Orthodontic Retreatment Case at 50

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Orthodontic Retreatment Case at 50

#1 Post by Eurodude »

I'm being fitted with an upper ALF appliance next Thursday. Because I had 4 bicuspids extracted for othodontics earlier in my life my dental arches are too narrow and my upper front teeth are retracted trapping my mandible too far back and damaging my TMJs

I had my TMJ discs surgically repositioned and they are now in the correct position and I'm wearing a lower repositioning appliance to bring my mandible forward. As my mandible has moved its bough the tongue with it and I am now nose breathing again but I notice my tongue is now not fitting into the upper arch, its more forward.
So its like the mandible is getting into the right position but the upper jaw is still wrong and needs to go forward.. The plan is to bring it forward the distance of the extracted teeth i.e. to give me back the bite nature intended

It would be interesting to know how many others on here are retreatment cases. I know there is a LOT of controversy out there about extraction orthodontics

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#2 Post by BracedVeryLate »

hello Eurodude,
interesting that I happened to log on today. I have had braces for 2-1/2 years. I got a lower incisor extracted and I completely regret it. my tongue at rest position no longer fits into my mouth and I am biting it and clenching my teeth and almost forcing an 'underbite', if that makes sense. I am looking into options to pull my teeth forward back to their original position. It is not possible to have a lower incisor implant, so space will need to be made elsewhere and filled with bonding. Not a great solution, but my teeth are now completely messed up. I haven't posted in months because this is so distressing.

At the same time, my young son had a visit to two orthos and two dentists, all recommending the removal of seven baby teeth and 4 premolars (when they come in). I went running.

Thank you for sharing your introduction and this adds validity to my decision not to pull my son's four permanent teeth. I am looking into non-extraction methods and jaw growth guidance in lieu of extractions. I googled 'non-extraction orthodontics" and found many many options that I did not know about before. You are correct in noting that the extraction subject is a highly controversial subject here.

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#3 Post by kittenmaisey »

Euro Dube and Braced very late.

I'm feeling your tales! I now have very narrow arches. Especially lower. I had Orthodontics as a Teenager. My tongue can never find a happy resting place. And breathing is difficult.

I'm also always biting my tongue. It's all quite depressing isn't it!!

I have looked into several options. However all come with a high financial price, and no guarantee's.

Thanks for post.

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Re: Orthodontic Retreatment Case at 50

#4 Post by Amanda6 »

I had extraction orthodontics done as a child, and later in life I developed TMJ dysfunction. I am now having orthodontics again to help relalign my lower jaw, and treat the TMJ.

Hi Bracedverylate,

I am wondering what the reason was for you having your lower incisor removed. It's just that I have had a lower incisor removed as part of my current orthodontic treatment, adn have had braces fitted to close the gap. The reason for this is to bring the lower teeth back, and to enable the lower jaw to move more forward which should help my TMJ. Was this not the reason for you having your incisor removed, I am just wondering why you feel yours didn't work out.

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