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My toothy story

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:47 am
by Kittykins
As a child my baby teeth used to fall out nice and regular. One day think I was aged 7/ 8. I had to have a baby tooth removed (Was a b with a 2 coming in over the top) so he removed it. I thought nothing of it and all other teeth come out except my left upper canine which was persistant to stay in. Everytime I saw the dentist he checked it, never wobbly so was a concern but was left, he was concerned about my lower teeth also as my canine in the lower right had come in and instead of facing as teeth should was sideways in my mouth, this then caused all other adult teeth on the bottom to be overcrowded. I changed dentists at age 12 by now my adult canine had started coming in at a peculiar angle and place (baby canine still refused to move), it was left till around 13 and I was sent to an ortho (around Febuary 2005) who said it needed more time to come through and that he would of been putting the braces on in the April of 2006. Unfortuantly missed an appointment in the July of 2005 which stuck me back on the waiting list. My dentist had said about going private which would cost me at least 2 grand. I think not. She wasn't the most thorough of dentists and missed a number 7 that was impacted. My dentist then moved away (luckily) so once again had to change dentists at age 16. By now my canine had placed itself on top of my 1 and 2 on the upper left. This was a pain as meant hygine in that area was lacking. After a year of being with this dentist (who was private) he noticed that my 7 at the back was impacted and also was starting to rot. He thought he could fill it and by the time he had numbed me up backed out of it and suggested me going to hospital to have it done. By now I was 17. I got an appointment in the November of 2009 with a Surgeon at my city hospital who then took a good look and suggested removed the baby canine and the adult canine that I referred to as "The Freaky Tooth" as the x-rays prooved that the adult canine could not be moved with braces. She then referred me to an ortho (March 2010) who then had a good look and gave me 3 choices. 1. Leave them as they are. 2. Removed the teeth but leave it at that. 3. Removed teeth and get braces. I instantly jumped at choice 3 as have hated my teeth for years! I waited a fair few months and then in the August of 2010 got the letter confirming the operation to have 4 teeth removed (Adult Canine, baby canine, the impacted 7 at the right lower and a number 4 from lower left) this was done on the 15th October 2010. Then on the 9th of November got both upper and lower braces fitted :D That is it so far :D

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:01 pm
by NervousNewbie
Wow, what a journey you've had so far! Best of luck in the next days/weeks/years to come!

I still have a baby canine, and an adult canine coming out of the gum over it, trying to be brought down. It's kind of like a tusk I guess --- you can see pictures of it in the link in my signature. For some reason the orthodontist braced me with the baby canine still intact. It isn't at all loose and acts just like an adult tooth. I'm waiting for the orthodontist to just tell me when to go to the dentist and have it removed. I am anxious to get it out of there!

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:08 am
by Kittykins
It has surprised me quite alot when going through the forums how common having the baby canine stay firm is :o
I looked at your pictures and was quite surprised at how your canine is placed, then again when going through alot of peoples blogs and pictures it surprising where the adult ones end up :L