SilverGirl's Story

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Re: SilverGirl's Story

#46 Post by drgnchsr36 »

Wow, that's awesome! Looks great!!!

I can't believe it.. only 8mths?!?! :)



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Re: SilverGirl's Story

#47 Post by stepher7 »

They look AMAZING!! I can't believe your braces were only on for 8 months, you're so lucky!! Pictures like yours help me see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'd be thrilled if my teeth end up looking like yours!

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Re: SilverGirl's Story

#48 Post by peacefrog »

They look amazing! I'm not going to lie I am definitely jealous-I got mine on about a month after you and no end in sight just yet. Lucky you to have such amazing movement in such a short amount of time:)

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Re: SilverGirl's Story

#49 Post by SilverGirl »

Thanks, everyone - I do consider myself lucky, considering my original estimate was 15-20 months. And it's really weird, but I have permanent retainers, which they applied before they removed the braces, so I still *feel* like I have braces. My teeth still feel some pressure, and they're a little bit sore. It will probably take a little while to get used to them. And I have a big lisp, which I'm hoping goes away in the next couple of days!

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Re: SilverGirl's Story

#50 Post by UGHBRACES »

Wow you look much younger than 40, great smile!

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Re: SilverGirl's Story

#51 Post by Nikkistixx06 »

They look great! Congrats! Can't wait till it's me! :)
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