My Brace-face saga

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#16 Post by Dilema »

looks great

keep us updated :lol:

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4 months and 1 birthday in

#17 Post by equaeternal »

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and I never thought at 23 I would be in braces. Honestly I am so happy that I am. I have gotten so many complements from friends, family and strangers on my teeth. I was traveling this summer and the flight attendent complemented me on my teeth saying she just had her braces off. I have never been complemented on my teeth ever!

Just the other day my boyfriend was telling my how beautiful my smile is.

I used to hide my smile. Now I emBrace it!

20 months to go...or so before I am brace free

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#18 Post by catgyrl »

So happy for you! Isn't is so ironic that many of us smile BIGGER with braces, than we did without them? The psychological benefits from getting braces almost outweigh the aesthetic ones. I smile bigger with braces, colored ligs AND an extraction gap than I did before.

Keep up the great attitude!!

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Things are looking great! Thanks for sharing your story! I need encouragement as I am going in on Tuesday for my consult! I am 32 and wish I had done this much sooner! Keep smiling!

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6 month marker

#20 Post by equaeternal »

It has been a little over 6 months since I became a brace-face and almost a year since I started researching the idea. Now, a pair of Tad’s 2 extractions and lots of metal in my mouth would I do it again? In a heartbeat I would. I was looking at pictures this weekend fairly resent pictures, in which I am smiling and all I could think was how amazing my teeth looked.

Trust me after the age of around 16 I thought my time for being brace-face was long gone. I never thought that at 23 I would have them. I wish there was a way I could go back and start them at a younger age. Then again I am not sure I would be so diligent in caring for my teeth and making all my Orthodontic appointments. I guess it is a catch 22.

I can not believe I am ¼ the way done with treatment. I am nearing closer and closer to the 1 year half way mark. Sure the extractions, Tads and extra metal that comes with Tads was quite a lot to get used to and painful at times but it truly is all worth it!

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