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#31 Post by mikesmile »

CONGRATULATIONS KEN!!! WAY TO GO :-)o ...a moment worth waiting (in your case) a long time for. Enjoy those slick new choppers! :D You've earned it. :-88


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#32 Post by fluffybottom »

Congratulations to you! Congratulations to me! CONGRATULATIONS TO US!


I'm so glad to hear that you had a great day. Doesn't it feel weird to have them off? SO SLIMY. And I don't know about you, but my teeth feel so huge.
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#33 Post by cosmo »

Congrats you guys!! :D


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#34 Post by Jen8626 »

Congratulations!!! Let see some photos :)

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#35 Post by karencoutts »

You must be so happy. Congratulations! My ortho is too cheap to give me both Essex and Hawleys for my $6700.

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#36 Post by cmone »

Congratulations Ken!
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#37 Post by alimommy1 »

Congrats Ken! I can't say the tongue rake sounds like fun but other than that, I think hawleys are a breeze :D

Are you enjoying your jewelry-free teeth? I see you do some racing... drag, derby, what sort? I did see the photos, I just never asked properly.

I'll be awaiting any photos if you choose to post some :D and seriously, because this is a metal mouth message board, we need a smilie with a metal mouth....

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#38 Post by coralina »

I'm dying to see those pearly whites Ken!!! you must be so happy! Post some pictures to inspire the rest of us. I there must be atleast one picture of you by now, I bet you can't stop smiling!

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#39 Post by SDFD TSchott »

Congrats on joining the de-brace club Ken. Must be nice with them off after having what seemed a life sentence.

Drag racing I forgot you do that for fun :) must be an exciting thrill of a rush to do something like that. I know for a few years off and on I did some actual motorcycle racing down at the tracks which was fun but I really haven't done much of that lately. I Should get back into it.


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#40 Post by fluffybottom »

So, is it just me or .. do you feel a little bit of a let down now that they are off?

Don't get me wrong! I love that they are off, I love the way they feel, I love that I can eat normally, I love brushing and flossing without braces and I love the way my smile looks. But it's been years of obsessing over my teeth, looking ahead to the next appointment, being excited to see changes, anticipating the deband and then .. it's like 'what do I look forward to now?' Orthodontics has been such a huge part of my life for the past few years that it seems really weird that it is going to phase out now.

Maybe 'let down' is the wrong phrase. It's kind of like the day after Christmas and even though it rocked and you had a great time, part of you is sad that the holiday season is over.

Haha, I'm weird.
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#41 Post by onefastchick »

againbrace wrote:Hi onefastchick,

LOL! Good nickname. Never been on a sportbike but have a few friends that do. One has a Hayabusa, and OMG!, it's quick!! He got busted by the State Patrol at 180+ and the judge was about ready to lock him up for a while, but got a heavy fine and a 2 yr. probation. I was a Harley rider near all my life until I got into Street rods and Drag racing, again. My Dad always had Harleys, so I naturally followed suit. But was always a "car nut".

Thanks for the Congrats! It is sooo nice to be de-braced!
Haha, sounds like something that happened with my husband on his 'Busa but we had a good lawyer and he didnt get probation, just hefty fines! I tend to keep my bike under 100. I ride a Triumph Daytona 675 its Triumph's sportbike, I really love it! :)

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#42 Post by shinyRiver »

As if I'll ever have enough emoticons to congratulate you properly- here's a start:

:jump: :-88 :-* :BigTeethGrin: :dance: :banana: :-)o :-V :D

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#43 Post by browneyedgrl »

Congrats Ken!!!

Got to see pics!!!

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#44 Post by catfish »

Hey Ken, I'm just catching up and realizing you're brace-free now. Awesome! I'm really happy for you.

When is your next visit with your perio? I'll be curious to see if your braces removal has any impact on your periodontal situation.

Retainers take a little getting used to, don't they? It wasn't the rush to freedom I was expecting. It took a few days to learn to talk, especially the S's. :)
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#45 Post by msbee »

Congrats Ken! No more floss threaders, wax and waterpiks for you!!
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