Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

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Re: Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

#661 Post by Kipepeo »

Cathy, you are so pretty. And I commend you for losing the weight. I know several people who have done this with miracle stories like yours. I lost just 30 lbs a couple years ago with diet and a new exercise routine, and I know what you mean about the confidence booster. Way to go for you. And thanks for checking back in. I'm still plugging along with all the hardware!!!

I'm inspired that you report things have settled nicely for you. I hope I have the same type of results. Great to hear from you. :D

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Re: Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

#662 Post by catgyrl »

Thank you, Kip!

I just realized... I started this story when I was 42, and now I'm (gulp!) 45!! Yikes!

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Re: Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

#663 Post by iBorg »

But a very pretty 45 year old...... :)

Your smile looks great. Overall you have a very friendly appearance. You appear to have done very well in taking care of yourself.

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Re: Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

#664 Post by klobird »


You really look AMAZING!! Yes braces does wonders for self-esteem!! I got in the elevator at work and another really classy lady got in. I didn't want to smile and then I remembered-- My smile is probably better than hers!! It felt great!!

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Re: Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

#665 Post by jem »

Hi Catgyrl,

You look great! Good to hear from you and Klobird again. You were two of the regulars when I was starting and I enjoyed following your posts.

It is great that getting braces also helped inspire you towards weight loss too. I could do with losing 15-20 pounds. I am scheduled to be debraced on 22 July. It would be great to think that I could get rid of my brace and my flab before my birthday in August.

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Re: Catgyrl's (Cathy's) Journey at age 42...

#666 Post by SunshineRay »

You are beautiful! I agree that your look seems very friendly and inviting.

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