I can't believe my bite is only two teeth

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I can't believe my bite is only two teeth

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Today I had a new Orthodontist adventure. I am 36 and have had braces just over a year now. I am sure that I drive my husband and children nuts with all the drama my braces cause. If it wasn't for my bottle of oregano I am not sure how I would survive. Today's adventure is sure to drive my family nuts for at least 8 weeks. Today they added some kind of compound to increase two cuspids/molars one on each side. I have had for the longest time two teeth that basically pointed sideways to my tongue. The one has moved the other is coming into a very tight spot. Thanks to this wonderful procedure I now have two teeth to chew with. I am really not sure how I am going to eat. Before this procedure I would take an hour to eat. I think my ortho thinks about ways to torture my mouth. My mouth has been sore off and on for almost the entire year. I wonder if I can get my mouth insured by the time I am done, I will have spent a small fortune. I am suppose to have jaw surgery, which I am really not crazy about. I can't believe I am paying for this. If anyone has any advice :? on my new brace adventure I would love to hear it

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First, I love your username! My braces have hurt me in one way or another for the larde majority of my 13 months in braces as well. Im glad I have this forum to vent on because Im sure my hubby and friends can only listen to so much and then they get bored - I probably would too so yay for this forum!

Also, I can relate to only 2 teeth touching in your bite. Mine was like that for many months and I just learned to deal with it because really, what else could I do. You'll figure out ways to chew, just give it some time to adapt.

Good luck and hope eating gets easier soon!

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How this look like and whay you get that? Any picture of it? I think my ortho was talking something about that too ! :?

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I have those also, and have had them since my bottom brackets went on almost 2 years ago. Believe me you will get used to it. It is not fun at first. It took me about a week to figure out how to eat with them. Then it was just chew as much as I could then swallow. I am hoping now that my bite is now in line (yes slow moving teeth), that they will consider removing them!!!

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