Day 3 and ouch!

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So I had x-rays done and they said everything looked great. I got a debanding date for the 17th but when I went in for my finishing wires a week ago they said THEY ARE NOT READYYYY :( :( :( :( :( :( :( .

I am moving the 19th three hours away and I am so torn as to what to do. They said functionally my teeth are 100% but I have some cosmetic issues. I am so torn should I just stick it out? I am worried of something popping off or going wrong and me being 3 hrs away.....

Left side which is the main issue


I'm happy how they look straight on...

again sorry for the poor quality pics..

What do you think? I still have my debanding date and my ortho tried to talk me out of it but I am just so confused .

Also, can you wear elastics if you only have one arch braced? My bottoms have been done forever and they said I could get those off but I don't know...


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I may not be the best person to give you advice on this because you are much further along with your treatment than I am, but I would recommend you stick it out. After you've already gone through all this and put forth this much time and effort, I think it would seem more worth it to stick it out and get the result you want and the result you have paid for, instead of just getting a half-finished job. I'd hate for you to have gone through all that, only to end up not being happy in the end and getting re-braced later. I'm sure you probably don't have that much more time left, so I'm sure you'll feel better about it if you stick it out. I hope that helps, and good luck whatever you choose.

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Hey Megan - you had written on my story that moving the cross bite canines into the arch are very painful. What kind of pain did you experience? Right now I'm having some horrible cold sensitivity pain that feels near where one of those canine roots is. Did you experience anything like that? It's an awful shooting pain that travels up to my cheekbone if I drink anything even remotely cold. Just talking and getting cool air in my mouth makes that area start twinging in pain. I haven't called my ortho yet (this only started last evening). I have been using a desensitizing toothpaste for weeks now.
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