Shan's Braces Story at 27 - NEW PICS

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#16 Post by shan*rock »

Thanks Audra! If I ever get to the point where I think I look kinda cute with braces, like you do, I will be so happy. We'll see.

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#17 Post by shan*rock »

So they are on and I must say I was definitely horrified the first time I looked in the mirror. My biggest disappointment was finding out that I would only have ceramics on the top, I thought I was getting them on both. I guess it's not a big deal, but it just wasn't what I expected.

My observations/surprises so far:

* I can't believe how huge they feel. My lips don't feel nearly big enough to accommodate them.

* Eating is a huge pain in the butt. I knew it would be, but it's worse than I thought so far.

* I thought there would be more pressure, maybe it's coming. I hope so because right now they don't feel like they are doing anything other than make me look awful.

* The brackets on my incisors have little knob-like things that stick off the top of them, I didn't expect that and don't really know what they are for.

* The brackets on my bottom four teeth are not yet attached to the wire, due to my lower incisors being SOOO out of place. I guess they are waiting for them to move first, so right now it's just a wire loop around them with a plastic bumper around it, not sure what that's for either.

So, here's to being started. But I'm kinda feeling bummed out by how they look right now, I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I'll post pics when I can get to my camera. Thanks for reading.

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#18 Post by braces4astw22 »

Hey Shannon.. its Shannon :lol:

Thanks for popping by my story just thought I would check in and read up on yours! Sorry to hear your extraction surgery caused you some problems.. unfortunately as I have learned in braces your mouth will have a sore or ulcer from time to time.. salt water rinses are great and I do them alot but I also use some orajel mouth rinse.. I find that helps as well

Now as far as how it feels when you look in the mirror I was disappointed too when I was first braced... I had so much better in my mouth and it all looked huge.. I had several and still have some spring coils on the arch wire.. it just didnt look like typical braces and I was down about it.. but it does get better with time... and now when I look in the mirror I love my new smile I see forming.. so this will get better...

Eating is still an issue for me and I think it will be til I get my braces off but you learn to change your diet and find other things to eat that arent as much hassle..

I cant wait to see some pics.. so when you feel up to it post some pics and the pain will come eventually :lol:
Shannon - being braced at age 29



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#19 Post by Memran »

Congrats on getting started! :D It will be SO worth it in the end :)

Within a week you'll be eating normally, I'm sure. It really doesn't take that long to get used to your braces. Just avoid curry like the plague if you have clear ligs! lol

In response to some of your observations:
  • They do indeed feel huge at first, but soon you'll hardly notice them :)
  • Eating is always going to be a little bit of a pain, but it drastically improves over the first week or so. I'm now eating 99% normally.
  • I thought the same thing about the amount of pressure of the brace, but after only a month, my teeth have moved significantly. Movement doesn't always come with pain :)
  • Brackets with 'knob-like things' are probably hooks where your ortho will attach elastics at a later date.
  • If crowding is pretty severe, its common to not have all brackets attached at first. Don't worry, once the other teeth move a bit, they can be attached then and pulled into line
It really does get easier, trust me :D

Upper brace on 23rd June 2008
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My Braces Story!

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#20 Post by shan*rock »

Okay, as promised, here are some pics from today -- my first day with braces. It's amazing how bad my teeth look this close up.

Extra big smile to show off my braces

Two of the Bottom



Let the movement begin!

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#21 Post by insinu8 »

Hi Shannon,

Congratulations on getting braced. You'll look back on this years from now and wonder what all the fuss was about, especially since your teeth look absolutely fabulous now :)

Your teeth are such a nice white color!

Your teeth are going to go through all kinds of weird gymnastics starting now...try not to feel discouraged when it seems like things are going backward (or at least not moving forward). It's the end product that's the prize. And we've all made that decision to go through some pain and discomfort with our appearance in order to reach it. Remember, we're all in this together :)

I had exactly the same reaction when my upper braces went on...OMG, these things feel HUGE! It makes me laugh now reading how you are feeling the same thing. They DO feel huge...but that will only last for about a week or two. Then, hopefully, they'll start to feel "normal".

Eating will continue to be an experiment in not drooling, pinching your tongue (or roughing it up too much), and finding creative ways to try and get all the leftovers out while you're eating ("Stop doing that! Just wait until you're done...) But, as with everything else, you get used to it. My best hint is to always keep something to drink handy to swish around once you're done. It really does a pretty good job of removing a lot of the leftovers. And my all time best advice...GET A WATERPIK!!! (It is the single best thing for keeping your teeth clean/getting leftovers out)

I'm glad you took pictures. You'll find it very gratifying each couple of weeks or months to take updated pictures and compare's SO nice to see how you're progressing. You'll probably see your archwires(AW) start to straighten out fairy rapidly. It's really cool :)

As for only having ceramics on only your top teeth, most folks only show their upper teeth when they talk and/or smile. If you feel strongly about it, you could pay the extra money to have your metal lowers replaced with ceramic ones. That's up to you to decide if it's worth the money. Also...ceramic brackets don't stay attached as well as metal ones. I already popped a ceramic one off (crunchy food!) and now I'm a lot more careful about what I eat. I have to admit I still look at all the hard candy I used to eat with a longing :)

Get some'll want to take it the first couple of days after any adjustments or changes in your gear. No sense in dealing with pain if you don't have to!

And look cute with your braces on :) You're doing something VERY good for yourself. Smile :)



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#22 Post by shan*rock »

Thanks everyone for all the support. I guess I'm getting used to them somewhat. It's a shock though when I first wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. I guess I forget they are there overnight.

My cheeks are all scratched up, which makes it really uncomfortable to smile or eat, but that seems to be the worst of it. The pressure hasn't been bad at all...I still kinda wish it would hurt more so I know it's working.

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#23 Post by SGBraceMe »

shan*rock wrote:
My worries:
* kissing my husband, is this going to be super weird
* not being able to eat crunchy stuff. I love crunchy things like peanuts, tortillas, lots of that type of stuff.
* how awful it's going to look when I first get them on and have these stupid gaps from the extractions and the wires will be all crooked since my teeth are. I think it will be so much better once they start to straighten.

I'm sure there are a million others, but those are the ones on my mind at the moment. Thanks again for all the great support.
I completely feel your pain! I am having some teeth extracted in mid August, but when I had my wisdom teeth taken out a couple years ago the same thing with the breathing tube happened to me.

I am really nervous as well, and your concerns (listed and not probably) are exactly what i've been worried about. The only difference is that I don't have a husband so I am concerned about kissing a new guy with braces. I didn't have them as a kid so this is all new for me.

Also, your teeth looked lovely in the picture you posted and think about how amazing they will look when its all over (this last part is what i keep telling myself too).

Good luck with it all, its more than a little comforting knowing there's another 20 something getting braces!

p.s. i've been writing a blog to document the whole thing if you are interested...

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#24 Post by Miss Smiley »

insinu8 wrote:Hi Shannon,

Also...ceramic brackets don't stay attached as well as metal ones. I already popped a ceramic one off (crunchy food!) and now I'm a lot more careful about what I eat. I have to admit I still look at all the hard candy I used to eat with a longing :)
Is that a fact or opinion? In my opinion, ceramics have been much more difficult to break than my metal ones which have popped off more than my ceramics. Some even say, ceramics are more difficult to debond but with the right tools, should pop off just as easily as metals.

Anyhow, Shan*rock I've had my fair share of "WHoa, these suckers feel HUGE!" I still have those days when I am not hydrated well enough and these little brackets go back to feeling like day 1.
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#25 Post by treelessbark »

Hey Shan*rock. It's your brace day buddy. Funny thing, you thought you were gonna have the ceramic all in front, i thought id have metal just on got mine, i got yours, haha. they ended up giving me the ceramic on bottom.

You should definately have some fun and change your ligs on the bottom to some bright colors :D Can't wait to see that arch wire reach those brackets. Your teeth look great with the braces, it doesnt have that "OMG THERES HUGE THINGS ON THIS PERSONS TEETH look, which is fabulous.

Well it's our 4th day or so, do your teeth hurt yet/still? Cause the pressure is still there, and i can still hardly eat! I've already over come the boyfriend kissing, Wax is your friend to protect your brackets to move over the sore cheek spots.

Well I'm really excited to read on! Your teeth are gonna be sooo beautiful after!

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#26 Post by shan*rock »

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who has read my story. I'm officially one month in and just had my first adjustment. It was a lot more painful than I expected and my mouth is much more sore now than it was when I first got braces on. Most people seem to say the opposite. I got stronger powerchains put on the bottom teeth, he used a dark gray rather than clear, I don't know why, maybe something to do with strength. Luckily, you can't see my bottom teeth.

I still have the same wires but he tightened everything up and it really hurt when he did it. He also put temporary anchorage devices in (TADs or pins as he calls them). They looked scary, little screws that he cranked into my bone above my top teeth. It didn't hurt when they went it, but felt super weird with all the pressure. They look kinda gross, I'll take pics later. And then he attached springs from my top incisors to the anchors. They don't look the greatest but you can't see them too much unless I smile pretty big. He said next month I will get buttons, once the lower incisors have moved some more. What are they? Do they hurt? I didn't even ask.

So I guess all is good, but my teeth are really not happy right now.

My camera batteries died on me last night so I only got two pics taken just before the adjustment.

Here is my arch Day 1 of getting braces.

Here is my arch last night, at one month.

I can definitely see some movement, not tons, but some. Yay!

This was my smile Day 1, unfortunately I wasn't smiling with my natural bite.

This is a blurry pic of my top from 1 month, right before my camera died.

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#27 Post by shan*rock »

Just a quick update, the TADs I had put in about two weeks ago at my first adjustment are doing great. No pain at all and they seem really sturdy. The gums around them were only sore for about 2 days. That first adjustment kicked my butt though, I wasn't expecting it to hurt as bad as it did. My teeth were sore for a good week and I still have two teeth that are really tender. But now, all is good! And my teeth are really starting to look even better than they were a few weeks ago. I need to take some new pics.

I've gotten so used to having ceramic braces that they really don't bother me at all, which I'm happy to say since I thought I would never get to this point when I first got them. I even ran into an ex-boyfriend the other day and wasn't even embarrassed to have them on. He actually said they looked really good. And my husband says the same which matters the most. Someone told me that "You were a cute girl before you got braces, getting braces doesn't make a cute girl suddenly not cute. You're still cute!" That was awesome to hear.

I promise to take pics later for myself and anyone else who might be reading.

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#28 Post by lauren »

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I've added it to my signature. It's nice to meet someone else in my age range going through this a little ahead of me! I can learn from your experiences. :)

I've added pics of my bite to my blog, too, if you're interested. It looks so much worse in those pics than when I smile, lol. :(
I got braced 9/05/2008!

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#29 Post by lauren »

thanks for stopping by :) happy coming up anniversary! I made it through dinner with my spacers but OWWWWWWWWWW...
I got braced 9/05/2008!

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#30 Post by shan*rock »

Well, I had my second adjustment 2 and a half weeks ago, it went well. I got buttons placed on the lingual side of my lower incisors with power chains attached that go back to my molar bands. It was rough on my tongue at first but now I'm used to it. My mini-screws/TADS are still working great. My top arch has rounded out a lot. Hopefully others will be able to tell in my pics. The 2nd adjustment wasn't anywhere near as painful as my first one was. They put on tooth-colored ties rather than the normal elastic ligs, at first I wasn't sure what I thought of them but now I kind of like the way they look.

PICS! (Thanks to the poster who suggested somewhere using the little flower icon on my camera!)

NEW PIC - top arch today


OLD PIC - top arch just braced

NEW PIC - lowers (the bottom incisors are being stubborn and now have buttons and power chains on both lingual and outer side)

OLD PIC - lowers just braced before buttons

NEW PIC - normal mouth (you can see the tooth colored teflon ties they used instead of the clear elastic ligs)


Let me know what you think! It's really encouraging to know that someone is reading my boring little braces story.

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