XxNecraxX's Braces Story - 4 Month Update Pg 14 w/Pics!!!!!!

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#301 Post by cheyeaitsxchelsea »

Beautiful! :]]]]

Braced- March 30th 2010.

Estimated time- 18-21 months with cooperation from impacted canine.

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#302 Post by PrincessPeach »

your teeth look so beautiful!!!!
Lower Braces = 22nd June 09 - 2nd Sept 10 (14 months, 1 week & 4 days)
Upper braces = 10th August 09 - 2nd Sept 10 (12 months, 3 weeks & 2 days)

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#303 Post by Memran »

They look fantastic!
You must be so happy :D

Fingers crossed, I'll be right behind you.. :)
Upper brace on 23rd June 2008
Lower brace on 27th August 2008
Expected treatment time: 30 months :shock:
Braces removed on 6th June 2010
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#304 Post by Margie »

Congratulations! They look great :D

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#305 Post by cosmo »

wow, stunning! i can't wait to smile liek that.


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