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#151 Post by DaneAnthony »

*Gasps out loud*

Look at those arches Melissa!!?!?!! Talk about a Hollywood smile!!!

You're teeth are looking totally incredible!!!
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#152 Post by katiathegreat »

Beautiful teeth, Melissa! It looks like awesome progress. That sucks about your magical wisdom tooth. I'm 19, and I have no signs of any wisdom teeth to ever come, and I'm so happy about that. I'm worried that something like that will happen in the future though. Not only would I be getting braces later in life, I would have WISDOM teeth later in life! fantastic! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

lol, but your teeth are looking great! congrats!

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#153 Post by jenny101101 »

Hi Melissa,

Your teeth are looking terrific! :D

On the wisdom tooth subject, I didn't have any issues with mine until I was 28. Then, out of the blue one day, I started getting inflamed gums and by the third day, was full of infection and couldn't open my mouth(very hard to eat :lol: ). Anyway, I had to go on antibiotics to get rid of the infection and a few months later had all four pulled at once. My lowers were impacted. I guess it can happen at any age? Hopefully yours won't cause you any problems though. :wink:
Keep smilin'! :)

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Unhappy teeth
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#154 Post by Unhappy teeth »

Your teeth are looking wonderful, I am very jealous!

My wisdom teeth didn't start appearing until I was 23 and I had an impacted one removed 2 years ago (at 24). Hope yours are trouble free!

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#155 Post by *melissa* »

well :(
a couple weeks ago, i mentioned how a wisdom tooth was starting to erupt all of a sudden. well, i think its infected now :(
IT HURTS SO BAD. the gum is really inflamed and swollen back there. i use the waterpik each day, and when that stream of high speed water hits that sensitive inflamed gum tissue, oh my, talk about pain!!!!
so im seeing my dentist later today, and i will prolly need to get antibiotics....and the dentist is probably gonna send me to an oral suregon to get my wisdom teeth out! this scares me greatly....ive never had oral surgery before! i dont want those awful chipmunk cheeks either :( oh well..
ill update later on after my dentist appointment.

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#156 Post by Memran »

Really sorry to hear about your windom tooth! One of mine has also come through and a really really hope it doesn't get infected too!

To be honest though, even if it does have to come out, it not that big of a deal even though its a very scary thing to think about. I'm betting the anticipation of the procedure is worse than the procedure itself. But lets not get ahead of ourselves; the antibiotics might work just fine. Here's hoping :)

Good luck :)
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#157 Post by *melissa* »

i went to the dentist appointment and now i am feeling quite relieved.
my dentist prescribed me antibiotics as well as tylenol with codeine in it. i havent got it filled yet, but i will go do that later tonight.
i was feeling really anxious about the whole wisdom teeth removal situation (they have to cut the gum open and dig the teeth out then stitch it up, SOUNDS VIOLENT LOL), but after talking with my super awesome dentist and a couple older, wiser people (co-workers :)) about getting it done, i feel so much better about it. i am now ready to set the appointment up and get it all over with. thankfully, i never grew 2 wisdom teeth up top, so it will only be surgery for the 2 lower wisdom teeth. theyre both standing straight up (last year before braces, they were slanted, i think the braces made them straight somehow haha!) under the gum (one is starting to erupt though grrr! paiinn!!), so i hope its an easier procedure....i cant wait to get it all over with!!! i have to wait til my dentist talks to my ortho first, i guess they have to talk about it er something? dunno, but i know she'll be ok w/it.... anyways, adjustment on 9/11, which is coming up soon...yay for adjustments!! later gators :D

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#158 Post by shan*rock »

Hi Melissa! Just wanted to say hi and tell you how inspiring your progress is to all us newly braced. Glad you are feeling better about the whole wisdom teeth situation. I got mine out a few years ago and was so nervous about the whole thing. I kept putting it off until one of them that was impacted started hurting, not infected just a little pain. After having it done, I was so relieved and it was really no big deal at all. It was the first time I was put under for a surgery, which is still the weirdest feeling in the world to me but kinda cool at the same time.

Good luck!

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#159 Post by pearls »

Oh melissa! I'm sorry you are in such pain because of that retched wisdom tooth! I'm 20, and my wisdom teeth started growing 1 or 2 years ago if i remember correctly. I have all 4 of mine, and 1 is completely errupted, 2 are half errupted, and 1 is not errupted at all. I also have to get my wisdom teeth out as they won't fit comfortably in my jaw, but my ortho wants me to get them taken out after my treatment. I on the other hand am scared they will make my teeth wonky again as soon as I get my braces removed, so I wish I could get them taken out now! I'm jealous you are getting yours out!

Good luck with the procedure. And P.s. Your teeth are looking fabulous! How beautiful are your arches!

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#160 Post by iamtheotherme »

I'm sorry to hear your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble. My bottom two wizzies pretty much sat dormant until I was 29. I don't know which was worse: the discomfort from the teeth or the wise cracks about being the oldest wisdom tooth removal patient in the office. :roll: I had a minor post-op infection, and the antibiotics made me feel better almost as soon as they hit my tongue, so I hope your antibiotics do the same and give you some relief!

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#161 Post by BracedVeryLate »

hi Melissa, sorry about your wisdom teeth. Don't worry about getting them out. It's over so fast. My cheeks didn't swell at all and I think I took one Advil and tossed the bottle of percoset the OS gave me.
mine popped through and were driving me nuts, so I wanted them out. I just couldn't keep the area clean.
the roots of my teeth were not 'separated' yet (and i'm 41), so it made it easier. check in your x-rays, i bet the roots just aren't that big.
take care and good luck!

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#162 Post by *melissa* »

today is my 6 months bracaversary, im soo happy time is going by so fast!!!

and an update on my wisdom tooth: the antibiotics worked wonders, and the pain was gone in a couple days. yay!!

my consult to have the wisdom teeth out is next week @ 8:00am on the 11th and then later that same day is my adjustment!! i'll post new pics up after that :D

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#163 Post by jenny101101 »

Happy 6 month braceaversary, Melissa!!! :banana: :-)o :-88

That's great news about your wisdom teeth. Let us know how your appt. and adj. goes... :computer: .
Keep smilin'! :)

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#164 Post by danish »

damn.. look at those teeth! I'm envious!!! :wink:

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#165 Post by *melissa* »

had another adjustment today...
it was pretty uneventful...
all the assistant did was change the wires, coils, and ligs.
i got a pretty aquamarine color on the bottom this time though.
i was unsure about what color to get for the top, usually i go with descreet colors...this time i wanted something new. so i asked the girl to 'try on' a couple on me...but after seeing what colors looked like with the ceramics (not my taste), i decided to just ahead with my normal periwinkle 'invisible' color, and she seemed way annoyed. then i told her i wanted aquamarine for the bottom and she had a cow! she was like "do you know how much these cost!" i guess cuz the unused ones have to get thrown away because they're from the same batch or something (which doesnt make since...) and you know what i felt like saying back to her? "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IM PAYING YOU FOR THESE BRACES?"
i reeeally wish i would of chose a more friendlier office :( when i first got braced, i went in to get my ligs changed early cuz they got stained..and that was the same girl that was like "we cant do this for you anymore, you have to wait until your adjustment next time!"
i feel so envious of the other people on this seems whenever they need something its like no problem for them... not with this office :/
my ortho is sooo nice though. unfortunately, when i made the decision to go with this office, i thought the orthodontist would be the one to work on my braces at each appointment...i had know idea it would be just the assistants. they never told me that. if i could go back, i'd totally change ortho offices. there was one i really liked, but the price difference was $1000. it would of been worth it to chose that office...
oh well, im totally stuck with this one and theres nothing i can do about it.
i just want to get through this braces journey; im pretty fed up with this whole thing. the staining issue is a whole 'nother thing that totally bugs the heck out of me. im just basically kicking myself - not only chosing this office - but for going with ceramics as well. i should of researched this more i suppose...then i would of known about ibraces :/ that seems like the best invention ever...since they are on the back of the teeth no one sees them, but also, they are slim, not bulky, so it doesnt affect your speech. gah, i want those sooo badly....

OH YEAH! theres more! so after the assistant was done with my adjustment, she called my ortho in to inspect her work.
so my doc comes in and is looking at my mouth and says..."put a reverse curve wire on top" then the assistant is like "well, last time you said to put that kind on" and ortho goes "you cant tell in advance with reverse curve wires, its only the day of and she needs a reverse curve wire instead of this one"....then the assistant says something and the ortho decides to just wait until next time and they just left me with the wire i didnt even need!! :( i feel like this is just a delay in my progress!! :(

i had to reschedule the wisdom teeth consult today, it was just tooo early in the morning. i work til 5, so that would of made it a really looong day for me. so that one is now the 29th of this month.

i will take new pics later on :)

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