elpi's toothie adventures - got my wisdoms braced...ouch!

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#16 Post by elpi »

3 days later and I'm getting more used to my extraction holes, I feel like I can't quite relax until my final 2 extractions are done on Monday though.

Cleaning my teeth is still tricky but it feels soooo good to have a clean, minty fresh mouth that it's worth the effort :)

Here's a little pic of me, not terribly gorgeous and there's nothing like a profile shot to remind me why I'm going through this ... but in a way I'm rather glad I took it as I have been having stray thoughts of "what the **** am I doing to my poor mouth?!!!" :lol:


Unhappy teeth
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#17 Post by Unhappy teeth »

Thanks elpi

I wouldn't say I've conquered my dentist fear yet but I've taken my first steps! I understand exactly how you felt going in for your extraction, I had an impacted wisdom tooth out last year. Although it was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be, I am still not looking forward to having the extraction I need next month :(

Keep us posted, especially when you get braced up!

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#18 Post by Britlaw »

Hang in there Elpi, you have a young and happy smile that more than makes up for the gaps :) My gaps felt like the caves at wooky holes to begin with but our gaps really arent anywhere near as big as we think they are and you'll realise that in time....and by the time you realise that they'll be closin anyways :D . When is your brace day?

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#19 Post by elpi »

April 21st ... not long now :P

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#20 Post by Betho »

Hey Elpi, congrats on the steps towards getting braced!

Our teeth are really similar. I had all my wisdoms removed as a teen but they had already done their damage by the time they were yanked so it was only a matter of time before I made up my mind to get them braced. One of my front teeth protuded forward just like yours too. All in all though it looks like you've taken good care of them, good for you!

Looking forward to seeing your pics come brace day! Take care!

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#21 Post by martinboyce »

Hi Elpi,

i look away for one second and youve had your all your teeth out, so left then right was it?

Your a wuss for not looking at your teeth, its really grosse, you can see the gum hanging off mine even 6 weeks after hehe, i keep mine like trophies!

Man! i could go on about extraction holes, 2 on one side is just about tollerable as you can still chew on the other side but once those other puppies come out eating is like dismantling a bomb! Slowly, carefully, and oh fudge its all in holes anyway. Im sure your finding this all out. Hey try rice! thats probably the best food to get wedged up there, or even baked beans, they fit plumbly in the gap, to the point you have a baked bean sticking out like a little baked bean tooth. Very funny

Im glad youve finally started your journey, the days of my extractions still haunt me, and wearing this brace is a doddle!

Good for you Elpi, more pics more pics! really get the camera in your gob, c'mon show us the extraction holes :)

Sorry to sound weird but i had people say the same to me when i had mine out so i consider it normal now :)

Big Hug \o/

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#22 Post by elpi »

Thanks peeps :D I think I've been okay *TOUCH WOOD* with food getting stuck in the holes, my bottom hole in particular isn't very big and I think it's clotted nicely, the surface of it is not so red now, it's starting to look patchy with other grey colours, I think, I hope that that is the tissue healing over and not long forgotten breakfast cereal :lol:

My teeth either side of the extraction holes are a little achy, I feel like they're trying to move a little bit and wondering where their next door neighbour has disappeared to!

This week readybrek and protein powder have been my friends, I expect next week they will become my best friends! Am not looking forward to Monday and yet.... I so want it over and done with too!

My talking is weird, one moment it's fine and then it's goes all lispy and slurpy and then back again, and today on the bus I inadvertantly let out a huge lot of drool as I was just about to get up for my stop... it was a bit disconcerting and funny all at the same time!

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#23 Post by Bekah »

Oh my! I laughed when I read the drool comment! I did that just the other day!

I will keep checking to see about your progress!
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Crystal S
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#24 Post by Crystal S »

Anxious yet? My b-day is on the 23rd. you'll have to let me know how it goes! Good Luck!

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#25 Post by elpi »

Hey Crystal :)

To be honest I've barely been thinking about my b-day cos I've been SO preoccupied with the extractions, when I do think about it I worry more about them hurting my extraction sites than y'know the idea of coming out with a face full of metal :lol:

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#26 Post by ShineUpMyBoots »

Hey Elpi, I totally know what you're talking about with the lispy, drooliness of it all. I haven't had any extractions, but just with the braces alone I sound like that one fish in Finding Nemo: "Oh my gawsh! Nemo's swimming out to shea!". :lol: Try to get used to it now, I think it'll prepare you better for your b-day. :D

You're right, our wonky front teeth are pretty much the same! Mine's rotated a bit more, but that's pretty cool that we have the same thing. We can check eachother's progress and see what we have to look foreward to. :D

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#27 Post by elpi »

Got my final 2 extractions done yesterday.... PHEW!!! and the dentist said my other 2 are healing nicely, it's amazing comparing the size of the new holes compared to last weeks how much healing can happen in a week.

I SO want to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth but I'm leaving it a few more hours to be on the safe side :-}

Not long till next Monday and brace day.... ooooh! :D

Shiney - your post made me laugh! I now have an occasional old timer whistle to go with my lissshhpp....oh boy!! :lol:

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#28 Post by jenny101101 »

Hi elpi,

Glad to hear you're doing well with your extractions. :D Only 6 more sleeps until brace day!! :banana:

Can't wait to see pics :wink: .
Keep smilin'! :)

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#29 Post by elpi »

Thanks Jenny! only 5 sleeps now :lol:

It's gonna be interesting having brackets and wires on my teeth cos since the extractions my mouth has felt so strange, the teeth either side of the holes are sharp and I keep catching my tongue on them, and my sticky out canines look even more sticky out than ever and because they're kind of rotated the edge of them is against my gum / lips, when I talk I feel like they're going to leave grooves! It's not painful or anything it's just damn weird! Here's a (lovely - ahem!) photo to illustrate...


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#30 Post by ¤sabrina¤ »

have u been eating an noticed food slipping through where the teeth use to be? :lol:
i think thats the worst, i only ate out in public once since i had my extractions done almost a month ago
and i had to constantly use a napkin and my friend totally laughed at me
but now i seem to have more control and im eating on both sides insted of just one now
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