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Hi Flaka! Yes it has been too long!! Thanks for stopping by :D . You`re still braced :?: I`ll have to visit your journal and get caught up :oops: .

I`m not sure what kind of surgery but bone implant surgery was mentioned where they take either cadavor bone or bone harvested from my hip or another part of my mouth and implant it where needed. Obviously cadavor is less invasive so I`d opt for that I suppose. I`ll see when I go on the 30th and keep you posted.

I do have another infection and even though the original infection is clearing in one spot, it has spread to another area further back :? . I am now on two different antibiotics, one which I can`t have even a drop of alcohol or it will make me violently sick...ugh! So, no drinking for the next week and a half. :evil: I have a party to go to on the 20th so I`d better be off this stuff by then! lol

Also, I have to go back to my dentist Tuesday to have my gum frozen and lanced. I had that done the first time and it was very uncomfortable.
I can`t wait to go to the periodontist and maybe see the light at the end of the tunnel....
Keep smilin'! :)

Braced for 18 months: Damon 3mx all around with Damon 3's on "social six". Now is Essix retainers for 10 hours/night.

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