The Martin Boyce Story - NEW PICS - 7th ADJUSTMENT TODAY

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#361 Post by evilnel »

Your teeth look fantastic! You must be so happy! Congrats. :D

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#362 Post by gokix »

They look awesome! Bet it feels damn good to have them off. I'm jealous, but I know that day will come for me soon enough, lol.

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#363 Post by milliondollar »

sounds like the best day ever! congrats on your results :D

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#364 Post by catfish »

Wow, your smile looks really fantastic! You look so happy about it, too! Congratulations on your wonderful results!
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#365 Post by BracketRacket »

They look awesome! Congrats, congrats! And enjoy!

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#366 Post by Skysi »

Congrats Martin
Teeth look great! :lol:
on 20th March 2008

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#367 Post by gracey82 »

Wow they look fantabulous!!!!

FUnny how you photographed the debonding process lol

Nice photoshoots, you look cute with the new smile :D

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#368 Post by shinyRiver »

:shock: Oh my god! Your teeth look so amazing! Are you even British anymore?! Haha jk. Seriously, though CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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#369 Post by Memran »

After seeing your videos almost 2 years ago, you helped me make that final decision to get started on my braces journey.

Its so great to see that you've completed yours and got a fantastic result!! I am extremely jelous, but hopefully mine will be off in the near future too :D
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