The Martin Boyce Story - NEW PICS - 7th ADJUSTMENT TODAY

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#301 Post by deborah »

Hi Martin,
My ortho does a teeth whitening service. They have competitions every now and again to win it. It would be good if they threw in a whitening service at the end of treatment or just give us discount!
Your photography buisness sounds a great venture. Good luck with it, as like you say black and white photos are very popular now so hope you get plenty of custom. 8)

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#302 Post by martinboyce »

Hi everyone,

long time no post....mainly due to a huge period of relative teeth inactivity.

But thought i would touch base as i wouldnt want people to think i wasnt posting through laziness.

Basically the last few months and the next few months is mainly focusing on closing my extraction gaps. I was told at the very beginning that due to having my 1st molars out that the gaps would take longer to close than the prefered pre molars.

Well my top right gap is all but closed due to some early push pulling to straighten my canine and incisor, my two bottom gaps have been slowly moving for some months now through the use of a couple of links of powerchains applying constant pulling pressure on them. the gaps are probably two thirds closed. Looking back at pics of my gaps right after extraction you wouldnt believe how much theyve moved.

The 4th gap (top left) is not really doing anything at the moment, im not sure what the plan is for it. Im on month 16 and knowing how long it takes to move these teeth i worry its either not going to get done or my treatment is going to spiral off well past the 2 year mark.

Also ive noticed since my extractions are being closed up, its pulling my rear teeth forward. A result of this is the making of space right at the back, which means previous overcrowding which had stopped my wisdom teeth coming through. Well now the space is there all 4 wisdom teeth have litterally just popped out the gum. The worst part is that they are all over the bloody place, left, right and high in the gum. :(
Not sure what to do about them, on one hand they are at the back and not too noticable and on the other hand they seem to ruin all the great work done so far. The thought of having 4 more teeth out after my last 4 is quite litterally the crappest, most costly, most painful, most unattractive option. Bracing them is unlikely. So am i stuck with them? i just dont know :(

For now i would just like my horribly yellow bits changing, coffee and curry are not brace friends. hehe.

well thats where im at, 16 months. Bring on the next 8!

Big Hugs everyone


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#303 Post by amandajane »

There's definetely been major movement, congradulations! Your teeth are looking great!

My story:viewtopic.php?t=31380

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#304 Post by gracey82 »

I wish to look at the pictures but for some reason the images couldn't be displayed at my browser @_@


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#305 Post by elpi »

I don't get on here much these days but interesting to see where your teeth are at Martin. I'm in a similar boat, one gap has closed, 3 haven't. I've had elastics for the last few weeks and at the last visit my ortho said to wear two on on side and one on the other, which felt rather odd at first, but I'll do anything to get my braces off sooner rather than later, the novelty of them has definitely worn off!!

Still my teeth are nice and straight and these contraptions won't be forever... right?! :shock:

Hope you get some good progress going on... :D

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#306 Post by martinboyce »

29 Today.

Was 27 when i started :( though it has only been 17 months

Nothing to report really, braces are still doing their job. Next appointment will be a milestone.

The old 18 month - 1.5 years in :)

Is that light at the end of the tunnel, nah it cant be lol


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#307 Post by PrincessPeach »

Happy birthday!!!
Lower Braces = 22nd June 09 - 2nd Sept 10 (14 months, 1 week & 4 days)
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#308 Post by Miss Smiley »

Happy belated!
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its My 1 Year 6 month Braceversary.

#309 Post by martinboyce »

Hi everyone,

Today is my 18 month (1 year 6 month) braceversary, Yippee.

Its a milestone in my treatment if i am on course for my 2 year anticipated treatment duration.

My gaps are closing nicely, in fact my lower left seems really close together now.

I am now looking forward to the next 6 months, i would love to get them off this year but will do whatever it takes.

I think throughout all the painful parts of getting braced, the injections, the teeth out, the infections, the brace fitting, the teeth moving, senstive teeth, i think waiting for the end is probably most painful from a tedious and frustrating perspective.

Next appointment is on the 17th sep, and im going to ask the all important how long is left and what are my options.

I now need something to look forward to.

I will post again afte the 17th

Big Hugs



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#310 Post by Ladybird »

Hi Martin,

I'm quite new here so I haven't posted on your story before but I was just flicking through it.

Congratulations on your 18 month milestone, I checked some of your pictures and your teeth look great. :D

I'm 29 and only just starting my journey :roll:

Also... I particularly like your educational piece to the americans on Chip butties!

Good luck for the rest of your treatment and moving towards debanding


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#311 Post by sarahlynn »

Hi Martin! Thanks for commenting on my story and I've been reading through yours - wow video diaries and all, you've set the bar high! Your progress is definitely an inspiration to see, your teeth are really looking amazing.

Your incisor that was furthest back made super fast progress once room was made and the wire was attached - I can't wait for the day that happens with my canines! I hate these canines sitting so far back in my mouth! I've only had elastic pulling them into the arch, I wish they could use something stronger :lol:
Brace days:
uppers - June 11, 2009
lowers - August 27, 2009

My story - ... highlight=

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#312 Post by asabea »

Martin, I have just watched all of your youtube clips back to back, and I have to say that you are a joker!

Your progress is amazing, you must be well impressed. Keep up the updates; it gives us newbies at the beginning of our treatment some inspiration.

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#313 Post by martinboyce »

Hello everyone,

After my appointment i asked my ortho (Howard) how long might be left, or how long before he could tell me, bit of an attempt to side step the inevitable dodging of the answer but he implied that my progress was good, my gaps were narrowing and nearly gone and he used the exact phrase "it would be nice to get them off by new year" :shock: :o :lol: :shock: :P

I kind of exploded inside at that point, amazingly happy. Obviously this is still subective and could change if there are any complications, but but, 3 months or so is nothing compared the the 18.5 months that have already passed.

My teeth look and feel great.

It would be my perfect christmas if they would be off. it would make my year.

Will keep you all posted

big hugs \o/


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#314 Post by Under Construction »

Hi Martin,

I've read your story and watched a couple of your video blogs. I really like the way you write and how encouraging you always are to others going through this process!

So...that being said. NOW I'm horribly jealous of you! When the new year rolls around I will be just starting year number TWO in my braces! What an awesome Christmas gift it would be to be brace free! I hope that by Christmas my stubborn impacted canine will be rearing its beautiful white head!

Take care and good luck. I'll be staying tuned...

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#315 Post by Grover »

Good luck mate, hope they come off before Xmas.

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