The Martin Boyce Story - NEW PICS - 7th ADJUSTMENT TODAY

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#211 Post by Memran »

Hi Martin!

I've just read all 15 pages of your story and watched all your video diaries.
I have to say you're prgress and attitude is inspirational!

Having only had by tops braces for a coupld of days, I can only hope for movement like yours. :)

Maybe I should start my own braces story? 8)

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#212 Post by martinboyce »

Hi Memran,

Thanks very much, so glad anything ive done can help people, if not help then make smile in some way.

Believe it or not i had my braces on about 3 weeks when i noticed the very first tiny bit of movement, due to you constantly looking, brushing, cleaning, touching wth your tongue ect, you tend to miss the little movements,

your front teeth will always move fastest due to them being single rooted and smaller teeth. So keep a real close eye on them, take photos once a fortnight from the same angles and look at the differences, the little differences soon add up to bigger differences,

Keeping ya story up to date is a big help as youve read people drop in and leave some of the nicest sweatest messages and its really uplifting and motivational.

Hang in there Rob, weeks soon turn to months, in turn into years.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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#213 Post by sksk11 »

Hi Martin,

Ditto Memran - you have a great attitude to your braces 'journey'! It's going to make such a difference when that mystery tooth decides to make it's appearance in the front row!

I am so excited about my impending braces. Occasionally it dawns on me how long 2 years really is, but I know it will be so worth it.

Do you need to have much done to your bite?


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#214 Post by Bekah »

Looks like you are doing really well!! Isn't amazing how time flies? That tooth will join the party really soon!!!
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#215 Post by martinboyce »

Hi guys,

not been on for a while, just been trying to get my head down and pass the months.

Yesterday was my 5th appointment, and in a few days will pass into my 5 month aniversary.

I had my wires taken off, the brace was clean with the motorised cleaner (vibrations are not kind on unbraced teeth)

then i had a new longer wire fitted on the top, finally bridging the gaps to my banded teeth. As soon as they were hooked on i started to feel the pressure, and when they hooked on the canine tooth i felt a pain shoot right up into my eye socket, im assuming thats as my new compressed spring was applied.

To finish off i had a powerchain applied between my rear teeth and my pre molars to start to releive crowding. Today 3 of these teeth are uber sensitive and the rest are tender to touch.

Shouldnt be too long now before the gap is big enough to being in my lateral incisor and finall be able to see all my teeth again.

Until then though it dows look like ive lost a tooth up front as the gap gets bigger and bigger. :(

Oh well, time will tell.

Big hugs guys,


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#216 Post by rolo »


Teeth look great, they have changed so much.

I'm getting a white archwire next time. My ortho thinks I am developing a nickel allergy and a coated wire will help? It looks great in the pics, does it stay looking so good until the next adjustment? Does it stain at all? Did you just get given a white wire or did you have to ask for it? I didn't know they existed until my last adjustment and someone on the forum told me you had one.


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#217 Post by elpi »

Sounds like you've had it a bit tough there Martin :( hope the pain subsides soon and you can get your wayward tooth attached on the next adjustment. I know it sounds daft of me but I'm really looking forward to seeing it get in line, I bet it could be quite dramatic! make sure you get some pics when it gets braced :lol:

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#218 Post by Lily »

I'm new here but wanted to comment on your journey
I've been feeling a little blue since I had my braces fitted because it feels like such a long journey ahead. Looking at the huge changes you've experienced in your arch in less than a year has really given me a lift (especially as I have similar bite issues to what you started with - damn those pesky laterals!)
I hope I have progress as good as yours!
Liz :D

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#219 Post by martinboyce »

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, and foremost i want everyone to know i have returned.

I have for many reasons not been around metal mouth for the last couple of months. For this im sorry.

As im sure everyone here has gone through the brace equivalent of "The Wall" the novelty of wearing braces has worn off and nothing much is happening in your mouth, the next 20 months of treatment still lay ahead and despite all the support from metal mouth it doesn't really detract from the overall process. So kind of threw myself into my work, my gym and my gaming. Basically to distract myself.

Well. im through, it over it, whatever and im here, mouth still full of metal, back where i belong On MM :D

So i will draw a line under this small absence and end this post and start afresh.

Just wanted to let everyone know im back!!!!!!!!

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#220 Post by pearls »

Yay you're back! I love looking at photo's of your adjustments! You've made such great progress so far. Keep posting photo's!

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#221 Post by martinboyce »

Hi guys,

in 5 days i shall hit my first big milestone in my treatment duration. Its the 6 month anniversary since i was wired up. To celebrate this im going to do a series of postings, loads of photos and im pleased to announce the next entry in my video diary (which i will film at the weekend.)

An Update

Yesterday i went for my 6th adjustment, and it was again another milestone. The bottom arch was locked in using the dual criss cross thin wires, in preparation for moving my back teeth forward, and then the archedwire over the top of them.

And on the top we've gone all the way back to the baby wire which i had on day one, but its been brought back for a very very special purpose. Yesterday i finally finally had my wayward lateral incisor wired up, The wire itself is really going off the beaten track for this tooth, almost doubled back on itself. I can tell it was fiddley to get in place. But He got it on and today i can feel pressure everywhere.

Hip Hip Horraay!!!!!!

This is a big day for me, id been wanting this particular tooth sorting since day one, and after watching my other lateral incisor move into place earlier this year i so badly wanted the same for this one. Nows its chance!
finally look symmetrical, finally filling the huge gap which makes me look like im missing a tooth.


quick reply, wowsers, and thankyou, ive missed everyone on here and its nice to know ive been missed, if only a little :)


Keep your head up chic, i know the blues can been made worst by the timescale of treatment, from doing alot of reading the first year is when the majority of people get the movement that is most asthetically pleasing, it does help to take photos now and then, compare them against older pictures. Its a slow process but all that pales into insignificance when you see positive changes in your teeth. Please dont feel blue, feel free to message me anytime ill pick you up. msn, facebook or on here its all good.


Hey girl, long time no speak, thanks for posting, and thanks for being consistently supportive over the last 6 months, your a star!!!!!! :D


The white archwire is pretty cool actually, it doesnt stain, not one bit, the only staining i get is the little rubber bands that hold the wire to the bracket. The wire is deffo more subtle and many people havn't noticed im wearing a brace til i tell them look them in the face and pull my cheeks apart.

OK up to date on replies, and am now changing my email notifications to my brand new iphone so when i get a reply i get updated where ever i am :)

So to not break tradition, big hugs to one and all.......


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#222 Post by elpi »

Thanks Martin :)

I can totally relate to getting a bit fed up with braces and needing to distract yourself. It's such a passive and boring thing waiting for teeth to move once they've done the intial exciting bit! I've gone mad on exercise too, cos getting fitter seems much more satisfying cos at least with that, more effort means more tangible progress. Also for me I've not had any tooth movement or pressure pain in awhile but I have had sore cheeks and I'd rather it be the other way around... also I long for my top gaps to start closing but I think that's some time away yet.. but I'll stop whinging now, haha

Excellent news about your wayward tooth finally getting braced. I'm guessing that little bleeder is going to move *FAST* so you'd better get some photographic evidence!

I'm getting my wisdom teeth braced this afternoon so I reckon I'm going to get my wish of painful teeth pretty soon :shock: :lol:
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#223 Post by deborah »

Hi Martin, like you i haven't visited this site for a while, novelty had worn off also seeing photos of my teeth is quite depressing so i guess i was just generally fed up. I think i had my brace fitted roughly around the same time as you, so i always catch up with your progress when i visit this site. Have you got any video of your actual adjustments? That would be so interesting to watch. I had my 5th adjustment the other day, the ortho spent nearly an hour fiddling around with wires etc. I would have loved to have seen what he was doing! When you are sat there with those dark shades on you can only imagine what is happening!
My teeth are VERY sore at the moment as he has banded the back molars to bring them all forward so everything is very painful to eat, also the wires are rubbing my cheeks, needing plenty of wax at the mo!! Oh well it's good to have a moan with people who know exactly what you are going through!

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#224 Post by martinboyce »


Hi chic, nice to know im not alone, but im very eager and positive to revive my story.

I like yourself have thrown myself into a fitness regime, hell bent on being in the shape of my life when the braces come off.

Im 82kg at current, i wanna be 90-100 and lean with it by summer of next year. We'll have to show gym progress photos too :) If you click my profile pic on facebook theres a pic of me last year at my biggest.


Hey chic, great to speak to you again, been too long, lets keep this going now...
Ive recently had my back teeth banded, and a powerchain put on and since taken off, i did notice the powerchain was a bugger for rubbing, for the most part i dont use the wax (unless i get an ulcer) i find it fiddley and falls off 9 times out of 10 and find i toughen up faster without it. Sometime obviously its needed coz the pain is too much.

My teeth today are under all kinds of new pressures, so are extremely sensitive, softish foods for a few days.

One of my video diary entries is me getting a standard adjustment, and im hoping to take my camera in next time 7th october for another filming, i have to respect the people at Manor orthodontics in Leicester for being totally cool with me being over enthusiastic about filming and documenting. They are all great down there :)

do you have a facebook account, as im recruiting for my MM facebook group :)

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#225 Post by rolo »

Congratulations on getting that tooth wired in. I had one tooth on the bottom that was wired in after the rest, like with you a bit of an effort to get the wire on to it, and lots of pressure, but boy did it move fast 8 weeks and it was line line with it's buddies.

I've had the white wire for two weeks now and I love it, much more comfortable, I'm no longer eating silly amounts of wax - yay! Thanks for your advice on staining. Have been brushing around it really carefully cause I don't want the coating to wear off. You are right, white wires do look good.

Can't wait to see your pics once that tooth has come into line

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