The Martin Boyce Story - NEW PICS - 7th ADJUSTMENT TODAY

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#151 Post by Devushka »

Awww sorry about your pain but congrats on noticing that your teeth are whiter.

Fellow ninja right here....though they are still

Oooh, your adjustment is so soon. Exiting!

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#152 Post by treelessbark »

Watching your videos makes me more and more excited to eventually get my braces. I also have to get a tooth or two...or three, haha. Pulled. BUT it'll alllll be worth it when i get my braces, and 2 years later when i have perfect teeth.

I'm luckier [and not so lucky] cause since i'm 21, and look younger, I won't look like "an adult with braces". However that brings my main concern of looking WAY younger than I am. But thank god for ceramics to make that go smoother.

Well i definately enjoy your videos! and i'm gonna keep track of your braces story! Quite excited to see the movement.

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#153 Post by martinboyce »

Hi everyone

Firstly, thankyou so much for all your words of support since my last post, i come on everyday and give a read and it really is a pick me up :)

Ok an update,

Tomorrow is my 5 weeks, and my very first adjustment 4:20pm, Yippee, the weeks have flown by and im well and truly used to my braces now, they are in essence a part of me.

This close to my adjustment i had come to the conclusion all my teeth had settled as i had not had any disconfort in some time but......On friday of last week i notice a few of my teeth felt a bit tender, specifically my left lateral incisor and my 2nd pre molars, so shoved the camera in my mouth and took a few photos and put them side by side with 5 week old photos and sure enough, there is noticable movement, i think i see movement in 2 teeth infact. My only concern is that my other lateral incisor is going no where so im quite unsymmetrical at the moment and it bothers me a bit.

Ok so back to my adjustment tomorrow, im excited and a little anxious, its my first so dont really know what to expect.

I also am going to try and take my video camera (and tripod) into the orthos office for my next video diary entry, ive emailed him about my motivations and i hope it was well received and understood, he was great when i had my brace fitted to the point where he had a nurse come in and take 10 or so photos of me in the chair. He was even saying "get the computers in, show were a nice modern orthdontists" which made me smile (as much as i could with lip seperators in.)

So i will come back on tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

Im going to prepare myself for liquid dinners for a few days. hehe

Thanks again peeps

bug hug \o/


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#154 Post by hannahwebbo »

Hi Martin.

Wow thats exciting that you have got your 1st Adjustment tomorrow. I was super excited when i had mine.

I just wanted to make a suggestion to you as you were saying that your ligs have gone bright yellow. If your ortho has them, i recommend asking for pearl coloured ligs as i have had them from the start and they have been fantastic. You can hardly notice them over your brackets and they are soo stain resistant. I have had the same ligs on my uppers for going on two months now and they have only got slight discolouration. i love curry, tomato based sauces and the odd glass of red wine and these ligs have really withstood all that. I would recommend them to anyone.

I have heard that the smoke coloured ligs are really good too incase your ortho doesnt have pearl.

I hope it goes well tomorrow

Hannah x

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#155 Post by martinboyce »

Heres a quick comparison, sorry about the before picture, its a bit dark, you can see the movement in the left lateral inciser and to a degree the front incisors too


These pics really show how crap my other incisor is doing, look how far back he is :( poor little fella!

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#156 Post by pearls »

wow! look how quick your extraction gaps are closing up! thats fantastic. good luck at your appointment tomorrow. and don't you worry about your pesky incisor, he can keep your treatment interesting for the while :wink:

let us know how it goes!

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#157 Post by Britlaw »

Hi Martin,

See? we told you the time would fly, didnt we guys?!

How is your white coated wire doing? I liked the look of that and may ask for one. Has it stained? Your extraction gaps are waaaaaaaay smaller so things must be moving - and they were big big molars werent they? - you just cant see it happening at the front, thats all....but to those of us that dont look at your teeth every five minutes WE CAN SEE LOADS HAPPENIN UP FRONT GUY!!

Your lonely lateral is doing just fine :) - he's waiting patiently (unlike you lol - kidding :wink: ) for that gap to open up and once they hook him on the wire he'll be in there like a flash!

I had the 'wow' factor from ppl on here to my last adjustment pics. I have the next one this Thursday and one lateral has poked back in again - doing the freakin hokey cokey is a part of orthodontics!?! Its funny as I had no discomfort when all that 'wow' factor was going down but I have had really achey teef for the last month when seemingly (at the front anyways) nuffin much is going on. So, pain means nothing!! Its still happening!

Keep up with your maintenance - like me, your teeth are looking great - because you have a great reason to get that brush & tools further in there and keep em pristine!

Did you go for a curry tonight before adjustment and lig change? I have booked a table Weds night for a dopiasa before the adj 8.30 in the morning :D BLISS LOL

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#158 Post by martinboyce »

Thanks guys, the wire is coated, its always been offwhite, the ligs are the primary culprit for staining, ill be glad to get tehm switched.

The gaps wont have closed much simply because the teeth at the back have not been wired in yet, i think the angle of attack is slightly different on those two photos so its more of an optical illusion.

I am pleased that i can see movement in that lateral, its clicking a bit today.

My Adjustment is in a couple of hours, i have my vid cam on my tripod in my boot ready, im kinda just hoping he lets me stick it on and record my mouth kind of thing, then i can make it into ep 5 on my video diary.

fingers crossed he lets me :)

ok big hugs, back on later


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#159 Post by jenny101101 »

Hi Martin,

I've been following your story but haven't posted so I thought I would now. I must say, great movement, especially that lateral incisor! :D You've done a terrific job documenting your progress, with posts and videos(which I really enjoy, BTW).

My son asked me the other day if boys get braces too and I showed him part of one of your videos. He was like "Cool! I'm getting braces like his when I grow up!"...haha! so cute!

Good luck at your appt. today...hope they let you video tape it! :thumbsup:
Keep smilin'! :)

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#160 Post by Kara »

Hi Martin,

Good luck at your appointment today. Looking forward to your next video. I think it will be very interesting! :)

I'm glad things are moving along for you!!! Great pics!


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Martins Video Diary Here

#161 Post by martinboyce »

Hi Everybody,

Today was my first adjustment. I had everything tightened and all the ligs replaced. I was also very lucky to have one of the members of staff at Manor Othodontists in Leicester assist me by filming me during the procedure, which was brilliant, and my hat goes off to them all down there.

It turns out one of my larger brackes off my rear teeth had disspear, must have swallowed it. I do grind my teeth in my sleep, woopsie daisies :)

I wont go on about my adjustment as i think the video says it all. i have also included the previous installments for anyone wishing to catch up.

I hope everyone likes Episode 5


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

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#162 Post by Braced32 »

YOU ATE A BRACKET!?!?! :yikes:

You're supposed to add fiber to your diet not steel/ceramic!! :lol:

Did he change your wire or just your ligs?

I had my first adjustment yesterday and it was very uncomfortable and even PAINFUL at times!! :soremouth:

My two front teeth have been aching since yesterday afternoon!

And this morning when I got up, there was a gap between them! Now that's fast movement - less than 24 hours!! No wonder I was in so much pain!

Seeing your furry friend reminds me of my hamster I had as a child. It was that same color!



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#163 Post by Twinjoy »

Wow that was pretty cool to watch from that perspective. As the one laying down you don't really get to see what it is they are doing so that was pretty cool. One thing I noticed is they kept your wire in the whole time. At my first adjustment they took the wire all the way out, I don't know if they put the same one back in or another one but the feeling of naked brackets on your lips is soooo funny. On a couple of my teeth they twisted some wire then put on the lig's did they do that to yours? And do you know what they are supposed to do? Anyway thanks for showing us that video!

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#164 Post by elpi »

That was cool seeing the first adjustment! I know a bit better what to expect now, cheers! Also it's good seeing the bits of movement you've had in your teeth on the photos. And even if your extraction holes haven't got smaller it's good to see that they've healed up nicely, especially after all the problems you had.

Well Done :-#)

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#165 Post by Unhappy teeth »

I can't believe how quick that was! I'll feel much better when I go for my first adjustment after seeing that.

Thanks :)

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