And it begins......(Hannahstevo's story)

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And it begins......(Hannahstevo's story)

#1 Post by hannahstevo » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:58 pm

Well! After 1 year of waiting, Its finally starting!

Hi, i'm Hannah. I'm 21, I live in the UK and a few years ago my trusty dentist went private, and I missed the registration time so was left dentistless.

My 2006/07 new years resolution was to get my bottom teeth straightened, and after trying to find an NHS dentist for a few months, I was accepted into a training institute (free treatment) for a check up, and mentioned that I'd like my botton teeth straightened and asked what the possibilities of getting it done were. After a bit of umming and arr-ing I was referred and put onto a year and a half long waiting list.

Well, luckily it came around in 8 months.

That was the start of december. I have a deep overbite (bottom teeth cover the top teeth 90% vertically) My teeth kind of lean inwards rather than outwards and I don't really have much of a chin (which I really don't mind!!)

Since then I've been given 3 options

1. Do nothing.

2. 18 months in braces(push top teeth out), surgery (bring my chin out)and 6 more months in braces.

3. 18 months in braces (push both bottom and top teeth out) but the outcome might not be as good as surgery.

I was then given 6 weeks to make my decision, and that brought me up to last week. I decided that surgery wasn't for me. It seemed too 'cosmetic', I don't mind my chin, and I only initially wanted my bottom teeth straighted, so it was a bit much for me! And I wasn't even sure about brace, second year at uni, not sure about the ugly betty look etc.

Unfortunately I am weak and didn't dare say I wasn't sure and could I have more time, so now I have the spacers(little elastic bands in between my teeth?) on ready for my braces!!!!!! Eeeeeeek! I realise now that its actually done me so much good them being a little pushy and putting these on because I have got a little excited and now want my braces on ASAP!

The ortho is being a little bit MORE pushy with the surgery option though. I don't know if its normal but he's photoshopped a picture of my face to show me the outcome, in black and white and when I didn't say 'wow, go for it' he insisted on sending me them in colour, and ignoring my plea's of no surgery :cry: . He said that I can change my mind because the spacers will work for either options, surgery or braces only.

And thats the story so far. Its all I can think about (doesn't help that I constantly think I've got food in between my teeth!) and on valentines day (of all days, the OH won't be impressed) I'm getting elastics (between top teeth and bottom teeth) fitted then a week after, the full metal braces!

Will keep you informed!


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#2 Post by hannahwebbo » Tue Feb 05, 2008 5:59 am

Hello :-1 from a fellow Hannah from the UK!!

I just want to say congratulations on you decision to get braces. It really is an exciting journey to take.

I havent been in mine long but i can honestly say that it hasnt been as embarrassing as i thought it was going to be.

Regarding to your surgery/no surgery decision, that is honestly down to you. If you dont feel that you want to go ahead with the surgery just tell your ortho that even after seeing the possible results thats you still dont want to go ahead with surgery and hopefully he will respect that.

Have you looked in the surgery forum on here? There are lots of great stories on there which might help you with making your decision.

Good luck and let us know how things go.

Hannah x

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