cwatt1's story -- New pics 11-16-2007 -- I see symmetry!

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heyyyyy, cwatt1! Where have you been?? We miss you around here!

see my braces story here:



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#77 Post by Cleobabe »

I think cwatt1 really IS having to fight off those ladies. :lol:

I hope everything is going well for you and you're teeth are continuing to make progress cwatt1! We're all looking forward to seeing more pics. See you soon :)


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#78 Post by sgguy »

Wow cwatt!

You're using same type of damons as me...

Cheers to your progress!! :D


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Hi everyone, and thanks SO MUCH for the continuing support and good wishes! I really feel so badly that I haven't been around for a while. It always feels so good to communicate with all of you -- I feel like you're all great and wonderful friends and you make me feel GREAT!

Lots going on around here, and I really do promise to be back on line MUCH more frequently before too much longer. And I'll be sure to catch up on all of your stories as well. Its just that right now I've been working so many nights and long weekends that I haven't had the time or the energy to devote to my blog or to giving you guys and gals the support you so richly deserve.

Just briefly -- I did have my first adjustment and thought it went really well. I now have a .014 x .25 triangular wire on my uppers, and my lower was increased to a size .016 flexible wire -- not quite ready for a stiffer one yet because not enough room has yet been created for old "Weird Willie" to start his journey forward to line up with his buddies. My ortho also repositioned a few of the brackets.

A couple of weeks ago, (GRRR...) :evil: my lower .016 wire came out of the buccal tube on my lower right second molar. Well, I made an appointment to have it put back in and the tech just opened the little Damon door and slipped in back -- no big deal, right? Then that weekend we went downstate to visit our son, and I noticed it was out AGAIN!!! Had to make ANOTHER appointment when we got back home. This time my ortho took a look and decided to trim it off -- so now I've got a buccal tube with no wire through it. I guess it happens. The distance between the bracket on my first molar and second molar is fairly significant, so that is apparently the issue. But hey, I guess I should feel pretty lucky -- I've never popped a bracket yet -- at least not so far, so what the heck. And my unscheduled visits produced a side benefit -- I found out that "buccal" is pronounced like "buckle", not "byoo-cal"... :lol:

Anyway, you guys and gals take care! I'll be back in touch with you as soon as I can.


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Good to see you back posting Cwatt :D look forward to seeing the latest progress pics.

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Here they are, at long last! Sorry for the long lapses between my postings lately. Work has been a real struggle, and will probably remain so until the first of the year. I'll try to do better -- I miss all of you! Gotta catch up on all your stories, too!

Been a while since I took them, but what strikes me more than anything is how much more symmetrical my arches are looking! I'm stoked!

My next appointment is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving -- hopefully Weird Willie can get his own bracket then. We'll see.

Keep smiling, all, and happy Thanksgiving! I'll be out of town for the next week visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and 1-year old granddaughter, but I'll check back with you guys as soon as I can when I get back. Enjoy the pics!





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WOW. :jump:

They have moved heaps. Your arches look great. You have every reason to be stoked. Isn't it amazing what can be done in such a short time?

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Hey cwatt!
Just droppin' by to say "HI" and good progress!!!!

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