OK, I give in *July 30 Adj. p37*

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#451 Post by Lela »

Congratulations Miss Smiley!!! Your smile is fantastic :D
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#452 Post by Miranbrady20 »

WOW amazing work!!! i love your beautiful smile I bet you feel like a new person I'm so happy for you and good luck with the bonded retainer issue... I'd force myself to get used to it I put a lot into my teeth and i dont wanna goof up!

Miss Smiley
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Still hate the bonded lower... Had a cleaning last week and was told no cavities and that I'm doing an exceptional job. I guess having straight teeth does make it easier to keep them clean. I have a minimal routine of brushing twice a day and flossing every couple days. I've gotten super lazy after the braces came off. BUT I do wear my retainers most of the time. I went two days because I went out drinking all night and went to work and was busy drinking Gatorade to replenish the next day and forgot to put my retainers back in at night. When they finally made it back into my mouth, YEOWZERS! I needed an ibuprofen... After that, I decided not to ever forget again! So I will need an implant to fill the void of a molar and my brother (also my OS) decided I was to have crown lengthening as well to make it more symmetrical. It's up to me to decide when I want to have all this FUN work done.
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Congratulations of being debanded, Miss Smiley! Your teeth look very nice!

I hope you get used to that bonded retainer :) I heard they can be a pain at first.
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Your teeth looks really nice! Congrad.
Is your face muscle getting used to the new teeth structure and looks easy when you smile?
I too have overbite I don't know if you remember.. there's only couple months left for me and my overbite improve a lot!! but the I gained these deep lines around my mouth which I wanna call them dimples but they're really not.. And smile looks pretty ackward.

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