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Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:03 pm
by j Holland
Hi Broochie, looks as though you are progressing fine, can't wait for the installation of mine, got a few weeks to go, about 6 to be exact. Have to finish up on some work that isn't so much fun like a crown. Then I will do a final cleaning before the install of the braces on the 7 th of Feb. Can't wait, the ortho says 14 mos but if it goes like last time will be closer to 2 years. What ever, as long as they are done right. Then I get two vaneers one each side of my front uppers. Have figgured ways to get insurance to pay for them.. I am paying about 4 K for it this time, what was the damage for you? I am paying up front so I get a discount, by using my flex plan at work. That way the better half doesn't scream so loud, she thinks it's a kind of insurance. It is pretax money that saves me quite a bit so I guess it is a kind of insurance. Happy bracing wwrite when you can. A fellow metal mouth

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 4:57 am
by broochie
Thanks bracedagain, Linda and j.holland for your support.

bracedagain, yes I think IPR is great for getting rid of those black triangles. I have many between my lower centrals and laterals, so I wonder if I'll have IPR there at some point. I agree those perio problems are a drag because they slow the process, but it's essential to take them into account, otherwise the whole thing could end up being a disaster! So patience, patience, patience...

J.holland, I understand your being impatient to be braced. I had to wait six months between decision making and the actual B date. In the meantime, I had many things fixed: a few cavities filled, several graft gums (showing as "swollen parts" on my upper jaw gum). They look awful with my gummy smile, but the perio tells me he can "shave" them later. ??? I also had veneers and crowns and bridges removed, as my ortho wanted to work on a "blank sheet". So my teeth look much worse now than before braces, but I guess that's what it takes.
On the financial viewpoint, my ortho treatment alone will cost me a total of 7000 CDN$, which I started to pay in monthly installments, but this month I paid the whole outstanding sum so that I could benefit from a tax return.
Good luck to you on your braces journey. And here is to hoping it will be as short as the 14 months prediction ! :-88

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 4:53 am
by broochie
Meryaten, you are a living encyclopedia on orthodontics! I am a research freak myself, but you beat me by far! Thank you so much for your nomograms, they are very interesting. Although I am not sure I truly understand the concept of "range".
The space between my upper centrals has slightly reopened, but I have my next adjustment in a few hours, so we'll see what goodies my ortho has in store for me.