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Tin Indian
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#91 Post by Tin Indian »

:D Grape,I mean great pics Ken. Hope your tender toofies are better tonight. Maybe a trek back to Appleby's for help, eh? Have a nice weekend racing.
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#92 Post by smallbutmighty »

Hi Ken,
I'm from Ohio too! It is really cold and the wind has been howling here today. The pictures were worth the wait. I am too shy for grape, but I do go for sparkle, which is what happens now when I open my mouth. My husband gives me looks just to make me smile at him. He is getting more weird in his "golden" years. Looking forward to your ortho visit story.
Ruth :D smallbutmighty

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#93 Post by lionfish »

Very noice, ken. Purple suits you, methinks.

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#94 Post by antsika »

Hi Ken! In purple :lol:

Your pics are really nice, those powerchains are great colour! :thumbsup: It was worth waiting for them!
The gaps are much closer, these powerchains are great and doing their job!

I hope your tenderness and soreness will go away soon and you can enjoy your grapes. :D

See you later!

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#95 Post by emily25 »

hiya ken, thought id stop by and see how your doing :D
pics are looking great! im suddenly very envious of how well everyones doing :P

i hope i have as much luck as you and eveyone else! :wink: keep up the good work lol. im loving the purple :)

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#96 Post by mayday »

I like the color! I'm not really a purple person, but sometime down the road I may have to give it a whirl!

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#97 Post by smallbutmighty »

Hi Ken,
I am in the southern greater cleveland area-- lots of lake effect weather. I love your graphics, they always make me laugh. You have become an expert in their use. Maybe I'll start out with pearl ligs and work my way up to purple towards the end. Every day is different so far, with lots of different emotions and strange toothy feelings, and unpleasant random pains in tmj areas and side of head. Did you have these kinds of experiences too? I guess because everything is connected everything else, it makes sense.
Ruth :)

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#98 Post by smallbutmighty »

Hi Ken, I hope you sleep well tonight. It has already been a very long day for you.
My TMJ specialist is the one doing my braces. I had bilateral reconstructive surgery in '91, but still have some issues. Certainly not like before, thank goodness! (Some of my story is posted on the bracket club-- sort of put it in the wrong place, I guess-- around mid january--"Pre-golden years...").
Sleep tight! (Reference goes back to when the beds on the bottom were strung with cord and you had to tighten them up every now and then- or fall through the bottom!)
Yawn. Ruth :wink:

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#99 Post by PrincessMelody »

I was so busy this weekend I didn't even get to take a look at your pics! LOVE the powerchains Ken...pretty snazzy. You are coming along very will I will add. Looking forward to pics after those new powerchains do there work. I am thinking that are really gonna get those teeth moving epsecially since no chains were skipped. Good luck!

4 days until my adjustment and most likely purple in my lig choice as well.
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#100 Post by SUGARANGEL »

Hey Ken, How are you? Hope you are doing good. Purple?!?! Your teeth are looking great! :D Getting there. Powerchains are wonderful. It did good job on mine. I am sure your gappies will closed within about a month. I believe.


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#101 Post by samantha_lou »

Those gaps are closing up nicely Ken, good to see those powerchains working hard for ya! Nice colour too! :P

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#102 Post by manglemouth »

Hi Ken, I love the look of this purple "line" from left to right! Looks cool! I compared your first pic to this last one and WOW, great progress!!

My midline is off too, it really stinks to not have the midline correct. But I never realized how many people going through orthodontic treatment had this problem!

Keep up the great progress and CONGRATS!!!


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#103 Post by tulip »

Hello Ken!!! Each night I'm making progress on catching up with another person or 2 on here, so tonight it's your turn!!! I was AWOL from the boards since about mid December-ish, so lots has happened to everybody since then, including you. The purple-people-eater!!!!! :P looking good though. What's this about racing ... you could bash those nice "new" toofies if you're not careful hey!!!

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#104 Post by tulip »

Hey those cars look great .... can I have one for one of my architectural models please???? Just kidding .. my clients have Porsches .... hah, just kidding again!!! Actually don't build models anymore these days anyway!!! Computers do the job now!

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#105 Post by M1k3y »

Nice progress. I can't help myself but think if you are a smoker or not. I see that your gums are receded more than what I'm used to seeing. Actually my father's teeth are the same shade but his gums are normal. Perhaps you can shed some light on this.
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