First time braces at 33

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Re: First time braces at 33

#76 Post by Vega » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:35 am

3th of december is debrace-day :D :jump: :dance:

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Re: First time braces at 33

#77 Post by Vega » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:52 am

So i’m in my last 2 weeks of braces and my lower brackets starting to causing me pain.... they rub against my lip and eating is a pain... i refuse to use wax :twisted:
Started to prep for the removal, for the past month i switched to a toothpaste that helps with sensitive teeth. As i understand from seeing debracing-video’s they use a lot of water to rinse. That always hurts my teeth a lot.
Maybe i should ask if there is a possibly to use warmer water for that.

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Re: First time braces at 33

#78 Post by Malinan » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:55 am

So exciting that you are going to get debraced!

I hope you all luck and going from embracing the brace to embracing your new smile :tingrin: :HugeGrin:

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Re: First time braces at 33

#79 Post by Vega » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:50 am

Braces are off!!!!!!
And I'm happy with the results, I still have to get used to them but overall I'm pleased! :D

It was really quick too, except for the molar bands, he had to cut them off.
Then removal of the glue, polishing, x-rays. I have to go back tonight to get my (upper) retainer. It's an essix and I only have to wear it at night. There is still some dental work to be done and once this is finished I get a wire behind the upper teeth.
On the bottom I have a wire.

So 2 years in metal braces
2 operations and i'm guessing about 5000 euro for braces, x-rayx, consultations, dentist.
I was lucky to have my insurance pay for the operations. (10.000 euro for both operations)

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Re: First time braces at 33

#80 Post by assertives » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:11 pm

Congrats!! Glad to hear that you are happy with the results! Post some pictures please!

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Re: First time braces at 33

#81 Post by Vega » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:37 am

In 1 month I have to go back to the ortho for a check up.
I get to take the before/after- pictures home, so I will upload these. :wink:
Wore my essix at night and it wasn't so bad, it's a bit comforting in a strange way. You are so used to the braces, and when they are gone it feels like something is missing.
I keep feeling around with my tongue to remove bits and pieces of food, but there is nothing there, brushing is a lot of fun, it feels so smooth and straight.
I had a lot of staining and yellow edges (near the gums) but the polishing removed about 90% of this. It came out better than i was hoping for.

My teeth look huge, but the ortho said that everybody reacts that way. Also my gums still have to settle in a bit.

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Re: First time braces at 33

#82 Post by Vega » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:23 am

I finally had my parodontologist -app.. wasn’t so bad as I tought.
Yes they poke between the gums and your teeth with a sharp stick but they do it so fast, it’s over in seconds.
I have some deeper pockets but nothing dramatic and it only requires a deep cleaning wich would be stretched over 2 apps.
Apparantly some of the orthoglue got lodged under my gums, i had a band in that spot so she is going to clean that too.

Because of a hectic period I haven’t been to my ortho yet for my upper wire, i had some dentist apps to go trough first and it wouldn’t be practical to do that with the wire attached. They replaced a filling in my front teeth because of discolouration. I didn’t have any cavities after 2 years of braces :lol:

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Re: First time braces at 33

#83 Post by Vega » Fri May 24, 2019 4:06 am

I'm 6 months out of braces.. and it has been almost 1.5 year after double jaw surgery.

I mentioned in some previous posts that I had a weird underwater feeling in my ear.. that is still there.
It's much better now but when the weather is cold (? yep) I can still sense a sort of vibrating feeling in my right ear. It's not painfull.. it's just there, not all the time but maybe 2 to 3 times a day.
Is it from surgery? I don't know.. but it started a few weeks after...

No numbness remains after the surgery, I have full feeling in every part.

My face is not so round anymore, it's more slim. To the point that people notice the change. They ask me if I lost a lot of weight.
Not sure if that is positive because nobody's comment's that "it's much better than before". :cry: :lol:
But I'm happy with the outcome, my teeth are straight, my bite is on point, that was my goal and I've always have been self confident enough (well, not about the teeth but overall appearance). I'm happy when I look in the mirror and that's all that matters. 8)
Big pro is the breathing, something I noticed right after my surgery but still .. a great pro :D

My 2 apps with the parodontologist went well.
It was not that bad, just took a long time. 2 hours on my left side and 1 hour on my right side. Mouth wide open and some nasty painfull injections. There is a lot of scar tissue under my lips and she also hit a nerve at some point.
I would recommend this after braces (and if your dentist agrees), it's nice to know that I have healty gums and teeth now. Got a lot of great tips too from my parodontologist.
Check up is in september.

Right now I'm still in treatment with my surgeon for the implants. They drilled 2 screws in august last year and today is the next step... Cutting open the gums to put on the screws.
3 weeks ago I had a check up-app with him and everything was oke. He was happy with his work :D

Next week is a check up with the ortho and after that I will make an app with my dentist for the last step of the implants.
I didn't get a wire behind my upper teeth, he said it will be too annoying. Still wearing my clear retainer at night.

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