Weird "Blocked Blacklisted IP Address" Problem is Solved!

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Weird "Blocked Blacklisted IP Address" Problem is Solved!

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Hey everyone!

I've been getting reports that longtime members have gotten a message that looks like this when they try to make a post:

Your IP has been blocked because it is blacklisted. For details please see

At first I thought it was just a one-off because of an IP block I'd done for spammers. But when several people began reporting it, I tried to post a test post, and I got the same message myself!!! :shock:

I investigated and found out that it was happening because of a security setting on the message board (which checks against known spam offenders). It was set to "yes, check for this." The setting had been that way for many years with no problems. Apparently something changed with and they are now blacklisting perfectly good IP addresses. Hmmp!!!! :roll:

Anyway, the setting is turned off now, which hopefully will solve this problem. I apologize if you received that stupid "blacklisted" message!!!

If you still see that message or have any other problems, please email me at:, or send me a PM via the message board and I'll investigate.
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