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Love your electric toothbrush? Hate that yucky mouthwash? Can't live without that terrific threader floss? Got a fave canker sore remedy? Here's where you can post your opinions and reviews of specific products relating to dental hygiene and your braces. Tell others what works....and what doesn't!

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#46 Post by johnnys_angel »

Liza, I really love this stuff too! I tried it just for fun but it's goes on like a gloss and it looks like a gloss, but it FEELS like medicated lip balm. I also love the Mentha Lip Shine (Ultra!) and plain old Chapstick
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#47 Post by kirst1583 »

I haven't tried the Blistex LipFusion. Not sure if it's sold here but will keep my eye out for it.
Chapstick is my favourite though, especially the strawberry one.


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Re: Lip glosses

#48 Post by fozzy »

bracedintx wrote:I'm pretty sure they don't sell Burt's Bees in Canada...
Sure they do. At least, in Western Canada (Vancouver area) you can get it at any London Drugs store.

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#49 Post by afrederick »

If you're looking for shine, Lipfusion is a wonderful lipgloss. It isn't sticky like a lot of shiny glosses. It's a metal ball roll on gloss, has a nice flavor and is very silky.
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#50 Post by Lin »

I prefer using a cocoa butter stick most of the time. It melts slightly on contact with my skin, filling in all the dry spots with moisture that stays most of the day and soaks in. The best part is that it smells like chocolate to me!!! I tend to use the Palmer's brand. You can get it here in the USA.

If my lips are feeling particularly damaged, I use liquid vitamin E (glass tube with metal roller) from my local natural foods store. It also makes my lips really shiny and glossy! It's similar to this one. 8)
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Well I think I have literally tried every single kind you folks have recommended and then some. I have bought just about one of everykind I could find. Blistex, chapstick, Lip infusion, Body shop vit E, and Body shop Cocoa butter, vaseline, Aveeno SPF, and several other gloss types. Most of these feel nice and smooth going on, but I found they did very little to actually heal or reduce the lines in my lips.

I have to say that unequiviacally the best I have found so far is CARMEX. I hate the taste of this stuff, always have, but I do have to say that it works. If you are looking to keep your lips moisturized and crack free this is the one to use.

My husband even commented on how smooth my lips feel now, so I'm sticking with this one. Sometimes I use it underneath gloss and it works very well also. You get the moisturizing benefits plus gloss on top.

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Re: Lip glosses

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fozzy wrote:
bracedintx wrote:I'm pretty sure they don't sell Burt's Bees in Canada...
Sure they do. At least, in Western Canada (Vancouver area) you can get it at any London Drugs store.
They sell it all over Toronto as well.

I use Yves Rochers' Nourishing Lip's amazing. I love it.
Lush is amazing too. I have this mint lip balm from Lush that I love as well.


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Lip gloss

#53 Post by Bloom707 »

I love lip gloss!Im totallyadicted to it!I have ,like, millions! :D

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#54 Post by rockexrolloh »

Softlips!! You can get it anywhere and its cheap. It's really good on severly chapped lips. And it tingles!

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#55 Post by babymetalmouth »

Im really sorry to bump this post up but honestly guys has no one on this earth discovered vasaline with aloevera?!?! :shock:

You get a tin of it for 50p, and its for lips and sore skin... It heals your skin and adds shine, it doesnt feel all chemically, its weightless and clear.

If you havent tried it, try it!!! And if your in america and cant get it, ask me and il send you some!! :shock:

I swear by this stuff, it lasts for ages too! I cant actually belive no one has tried it..!!! :shock:
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#56 Post by babymetalmouth » ... oelips.jpg

Thats what the tin looks like... :lol:

Like I said, if you want some and cant find any where you are , let me know and I will pick some up when I next go to town! :lol: There only 50p, its like buying a banana!!!!!

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#57 Post by Kriz »

Well considering I was on accutane (a very drying medication for the treatment of acne) for almost 1 year and my lips were soo badly dried out and cracked.. to the point of bleeding. My dermatologist recommended me to use Aquaphor on my lips.. (its with the lotions and creams in the store) I have been addicted to it ever since.. It is tasteless so you arent tempted to lick it off and it is also shiney. It comes is small and large tubes. I recommend it Aquaphor to all my patients and they love it. Aquaphor is this pharmacist's recommendation!


heres a link ... ntment.htm

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#58 Post by rmwolf83 »

I love Avon's MOISTURE THERAPY Intensive Moisturizing Lip Treatment, it gives a little bit of shine and makes my lips SO soft! Plus as an added benefit it has an SPF of 15! And it's on sale right now for $.99 (regular $1.49)... who could ask for anything more!




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I swear by Aveeno Lip Balm, it's amazing. I keep two at a time; one in my purse, the other on my nightstand. It's about $6USD a stick, so a little expensive, but I think it's worth it. It goes on light, not greasy or heavy at all - I actually don't lick it off! For a little shine, I will put on Avon Mark Lip Gloss. If, for some reason my lips get really bad, I put a little vasoline on them at night before bed, but as mentioned, you have to mind the kitty fur! Oh, and for dry lips with peeling skin, brushing gently works, I do it a lot, but Mark Kay has a product called Satin Lips which is like a body scrub for your lips. It's quite nice, but you have to order it from a Mark Kay salesperson, so that's a bit of a pain.

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#60 Post by dimeech »

I also like the Mary Kay lip exfoliator- and I was at Bath & Body Works a few days ago and noticed they have a similar product. They also have many different kinds of lip balms there. I was at a larger store and they also had alot of stuff from other countries (Greece, France, Japan (?)) so it was fun to shop around.

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