I'm little confused

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I'm little confused

#1 Post by Judipenning34 »

Hello all..
I'm here to discuss my yellow teeth. I'm planning to get cosmetic dentistry services as soon as possible. But I'm doubtful whether I could get the cosmetic dentistry procedure teeth whitening as I'm wearing invisible braces.. I have also heard from a blog that there is a chance for losing enamel due to cntinous teeth whitening. This is my second teeth whitening this year. Will it be a problem? What is your opinion?

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Re: I'm little confused

#2 Post by ShiningCity »

Two professional whitening treatments in one year is usually fine. Especially if it's a one day treatment. Was this in office, or a take home system?

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Re: I'm little confused

#3 Post by Zoidberg »

When you say you're wearing invisible braces, do you mean invisalign?
If that's the case then it should be fine to just remove your aligners while you have the whitening treatment, I have a work colleague who had it done while they had invisalign.
If you mean white / clear brackets or lingual braces / something else behind the teeth then it might be advisable waiting until your braces are removed before you think about whitening, otherwise you'll end up with outlines where the braces were.

A lot of people seem to go for whitening treatment after finishing with braces, and why not, makes all that hard work extra worth it.

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