Bite Plate Issues/Too Loose?

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Bite Plate Issues/Too Loose?

#1 Post by TGannon »

Hi there!
I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping for some insight!

I'm 24 years old and recently got both braces and a removable bite plate that is behind my front teeth. I have a deep bite which means if I didn't have the plate in, I'd completely bite my bottom brackets off, even just from talking!
When I first got my bite plate on it was pretty miserable, even touching my teeth with my tongue really hurt. As the pain has eased up a bit, however, I've been brave enough to explore my mouth.

My bite plate when I got it was too tight as the tech who made it did so with an excessive amount of acrylic. They fit it properly for me but I was too overwhelmed at the time to really pay attention to how it felt. Now my bite plate feels loose. If I bite down(which I hardly ever do because my teeth are so loose right now), the back part of my bite plate shifts a bit. The best way to describe it is as wiggly when I perform this action. However, I still have to jiggle the device out of my mouth when I take it out to brush my teeth. So, it's not that loose.

I want this device off as soon as possible as I can barely eat. My saliva gets trapped under the bite plate and when I swallow it feels very strange. The plate also doesn't sit right against my teeth. I'm just wondering what it is supposed to feel like and if I should be concerned. I live an hour away from my ortho and am in school working with clients, which means I can't just miss a class.

Oh, and I have an excellent ortho whose Dental hygienists have said that if it isn't falling out then I should be okay. But, me being paranoid, I want to make sure it's fitting right so it's less wear time for me!

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Re: Bite Plate Issues/Too Loose?

#2 Post by Zara9 »

As long as its not falling out it should be working fine. Mine was loose for months and didnt effect my time wearing it

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