Sonicare Toothbrush...Worth it?

Love your electric toothbrush? Hate that yucky mouthwash? Can't live without that terrific threader floss? Got a fave canker sore remedy? Here's where you can post your opinions and reviews of specific products relating to dental hygiene and your braces. Tell others what works....and what doesn't!

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I got my sonicare free with my braces. i had one a few years back and loved it but stopped using it. I'm actually kinda scared to use it since i got my braces a few days ago. i'm confused as to how to brush without it getting caught in the's probably something to get used to i guess
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Curse you all! :P

I just ordered a Oral-B Sonic Deluxe!! I can't wait to try it out. I ended up getting a new one on eBay for about $50. Sweet compared to regular retail! I'll post a review when I get it and have had a chance to play with it a bit.


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Since brushing your teeth while braced is time consuming and very important, I can't imagine what it would be like to use a regular tooth brush. I have one of the Oral-B Professional Systems and it was well worth the investment. No matter what system anyone purchases, the electric toothbrushes are the only way to go.
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oral b sonic complete

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I'm switching to the oral b sonic complete from the regular oral b electric brush. I can't really use it yet cause my teeth hurt too much from the vibration and right now the old regular toothbrush (soft) works in the really tender spots for me. Any comments on the ob sonic? I am thinking of getting the rotadent too since people seem to really like that but I don't think my ortho sells them. As soon as I switched from a regular toothbrush to electric, my teeth felt so much cleaner.

Now, if I can figure out how to floss between some tight teeth I'd be in business.

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I'm still doing some research based on the opinions above...I can't seem to make a decision - I really like my manual brush.

Here's another review site where you can check the opinions of others:

Just search for "electric toothbrush" and then under "categories", select "view top rated electric toothbrushes."


Just one more thing...I checked Consumer Reports (report is from 12/03) and their comments were as follows:

"The bottom line. Even the most effective (and expensive) electric brush in our tests, the Sonicare Elite 7500, $140, proved no better than a regular brush costing $2 or $3. And every brush garnered at least one complaint about noise and annoying vibration.

What matters most, it turns out, is your technique and how long you brush. Toothbrush makers usually recommend two minutes. Therein lies one potential advantage of electric brushes: Our volunteers, who brushed for as long as they thought necessary, tended to brush longer when using electrics. In fact, all but one staffer liked power brushing enough to consider switching from regular. Electric toothbrushes are also a boon for people with weak hands or limited dexterity."
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