Sonicare Toothbrush...Worth it?

Love your electric toothbrush? Hate that yucky mouthwash? Can't live without that terrific threader floss? Got a fave canker sore remedy? Here's where you can post your opinions and reviews of specific products relating to dental hygiene and your braces. Tell others what works....and what doesn't!

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Re: A trick i found that works.

#46 Post by gorie »

cdwright wrote: Hey there, I have been using a sonicare for like six years or so and this what has helped me.

Place the toothpaste on the brush and without starting it spread it around your teeth. Really it is very light brushing without turning brush on.
After is it distributed, fire up the brush and go to work.
just noticed this reply now, but that's how i ended up solving my problem too. i figured it out hehe :)
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#47 Post by Hoosier_Brandy »

My Sonicare Elite 7300 was just delivered today. I've brushed my teeth 3 times already tonight cuz its so much fun. The first use felt SO funny. Brushing the lip side of the teeth just tingles a bit but brushing the tongue side of the teeth is about all the buzzing I can tolerate. LOL My teeth feel great. So smooth. It was so amazing to look at my teeth right after finishing the first brushing and not seeing ANYTHING up around my gums or in between my teeth or under my wire. Not a thing. I also brushed my tongue and even though I do that every time I brush with a manual brush, you could still see the Sonicare plowing a clean path through everything the manual brush leaves behind.

I never could have bought this toothbrush had it not been for winning a $100 gift certificate to I'm so glad I did. I look at it this way, this toothbrush is going to save me that much money several times over because I won't have the expensive dental complications I might have had without it. I love this toothbrush. Never thought I'd love a toothbrush, but how can you not love your Sonicare?
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Love my Sonicare!

#48 Post by tashablueyes »

Hi, I am a dental assistant, so technically I cannot endorse any dental product. But...having said that, I love my Sonicare! I work in a periodontal office ( taking care of gums, bones and ligaments around the teeth) and we actually sell them there because THEY WORK. THe reason that Sonicare is a better option for braces than the other power brushes out there is that it actually utilizes ultrasonic motion, which sort of wiggles and shoots the food and plaque out of areas that your manual brush or standard power brush just can't touch. Plus, I can tell you ahead of time that we just got the newest and best Sonicare for Professional trial. It squirts toothpaste. Not too big of a deal, but when you have braces, anything that delivers the freshening and flouride around more surface and into more crevaces is a good thing! Also, since it has a toothpaste packet inside, it sort of acts as a sound buffer, so it is a much quieter model. Sorry to get up on my soap box for my first post, but hopefully it will help someone make a choice. Oh, and I loved it before my braces, but now that I have them I am ADDICTED to the darn thing! :wink:

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#49 Post by Danny »

You get on your soap box any time you want!!

Thanks for the info. It is nice to hear this from the actual dental professional who sees the results. I love my sonicare, and I can't even brush with a manual brush anymore. It feels awkward. Until someone shows me proof that they are no good, I will recommend them to everyone.
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#50 Post by russd1978 »

I really like mine, it feels really good, plus going back to manual brushing is really awful because your teeth dont feel clean at all. But its very expensive, but not when you consider the cost of a few fillings I spose...

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Does anyone know if there is any review comparing the Oral B Sonic Complete with the Phillips Sonicare? Im curious to know if they are any different. I own a Sonicare, but I have always been suspicious of Phillips reliability. The Sonicare contains a Ni-CD battery which is really really old technology especially for this price. And its non replaceable. A Li-Ion would have been far better. I emailed Phillips about this and they said they were working on a better battery. I wonder if the Oral B has a better standard of parts or not. Dont get me wrong Im very happy with the Sonicare overall.

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#52 Post by Danny »

Someone posted something about a review a few posts back under this thread.
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#53 Post by TessaLeoni »

I have a Oral B Sonic Complete and I love it. My teeth feel a lot cleaner. Apart from that it has 3 different speeds and strengths :
1. clean
2. soft
3. massage

The soft strength is especially useful and comfortable when your teeth hurt after being braced. Your teeth still get clean but there is less pressure and pain.
The Sonic Complete is also excellent for massaging your gums. Mine have bleeded a lot less since I got it.

I know this tool is very expensive but from my point of view it's worth every cent!

Keep on cleaning...
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#54 Post by 2hOtT2HaNdLe01 »

for those of you with a sonicare and those with an oral-b sonic complete, which would you recommend???? i have the original oral-b electric toothbrush, but i dont think that it will help wen i get my braces on at the end of the month. i am having the hardest time deciding!!!

Thanks in advance guys!!! :)

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#55 Post by Dodger(UK) »

For anyone in the UK looking for Replacement heads for your Sonicare's take a look at this site

£20 for a pair of Replacement Sonicare brusheads looks a pretty good deal, especially when it includes P&P. :)

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#56 Post by malikara »

Awwww! decisions, decisions :roll:

I've been in braces for 10 weeks and decided to get an electric toothbrush. I've never had one before. I thought it might clean my teeth better and also help with my stained ceramics brackets (due to smoking :roll: )

Anyway, thought it might be good idea to look on this board to get your recommendations etc. The main debate seems to be between SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Sonicare Elite and Oral-B Sonic Complete (deluxe). So, what was it to be? Sonicare or Sonic Complete? Hmmm, difficult to decide after reading everything here. Although many of you have got the Sonicare Elite and are thrilled with it, I was heavily influenced by merrily's review some threads back referring to the research done comparing the 2, with Oral-B coming out tops.

Price, of course is a factor in deciding what one to buy. So I looked into it (Argos catalogue :lol: ) and found the SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM Sonicare Elite is £99 and the Oral-B Sonic complete deluxe is £129. What a lot of money! I took Dodger's, and others' advice and looked on e-Bay. Currently, you can get either model for about the same price of £60-£70 (brand new of course :lol: ). So, I thought that seeing as the Oral-B is £30 more than the SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM in the shops, that the better bargain would be the Oral-B from e-Bay.

That was now 2 things making me sway towards the Oral-B (the research and the good price on e-Bay). But yet the SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM seems more common with you lot :? . After much fretting I decided to go with the Oral-B Sonic Complete Deluxe. :lol: I've just ordered it! When it arrives, and after I've had a few goes of it I'll let you know how I get on. Here's hoping it helps with my stained brackets too!

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#57 Post by Traffic »

I've had the Sonicare Elite for a few weeks now and it's awesome.

I can see my teeth getting whiter and they feel real smooth after each use.

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#58 Post by malikara »

Well, it's arrived! My new Oral-B Sonic Complete Deluxe :lol: I was anxious whilst waiting for it to arrive in the post, thinking that perhaps I should have got Sonicare Elite after all. (But then again, if I'd ordered the Sonicare Elite I'd be thinking that perhaps I should have ordered the Sonic Complete Deluxe :roll: )

Back to the point. I've been using if for a couple of days now and it's brilliant! I feel like a kid with a new toy :D It cleans really well, doesn't interfere with the braces and is comfortable, easy to use, and gets into those awkward places without any problems. All-in-all I'm very pleased with my purchase.

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#59 Post by CelestialVoices »

As everyone knows, I'm not in braces yet, but I do use a Sonicare Elite now and it works really well. Hopefully it will make brushing easier when I do finally get braces. :)

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#60 Post by SumatraBouffant »

Now I have Tooth Brush Envy! I am marching to Walgreens and snapping up a Sonic Care this morning! :D

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