Sonicare Toothbrush...Worth it?

Love your electric toothbrush? Hate that yucky mouthwash? Can't live without that terrific threader floss? Got a fave canker sore remedy? Here's where you can post your opinions and reviews of specific products relating to dental hygiene and your braces. Tell others what works....and what doesn't!

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#16 Post by joplin »

I don't know about other products but at least for Oral-B models you can buy brush heads that are specially designed for braces. That's why I got mine although I'm not wearing braces yet. The only negative thing about it is that it's a bit noisy, that's all.

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#17 Post by TechChick »

My oral-b sonic complete isn't very noisy at all. In fact I was taken back when I first turned it on. I absolutly love this toothbrush.

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#18 Post by bbbsq11 »

How do you brush with braces on??? I am clueless! I don't have braces yet...but, can you brush regularly, or do you have be very careful...can any part of the braces appliances be damaged and come apart?

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#19 Post by sunflr7 »

I've used my sonicare two times so far and my teeth feel sooooo clean (like I just had a professional cleaning) and it appears that some of the staining on my ligatures has dimished. Yay!!!

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#20 Post by fantasia »

I bought a sonicare toothbrush after reading Lynns recommendation of it when I first found archwired. I have been a fanatic about oral hygiene the last few years (I had bad teeth as a kid) and I wanted my teeth to be as clean as possible when I got the braces on. I also saw an ad for it at Bed bath & Beyond about how great it was for braces. Mine cost $60, but I really like it better than the manual brushes, it seems to clean better.

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#21 Post by lioninthelake »

Sonicare is definitely worth it!

Lynn, you should be receiving a commission from those Sonicare folks - I bought mine after reading your recommendation, similar to others in previous posts!!!

Sonicare cleans very well, but the vibrations are a little something to get used to at the beginning! I use the Elite model, it seems to have a much narrower brush head than the advance.

Good luck with your decision!
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#22 Post by bbsadmin »

Yeah, Oral-b and Sonicare would owe me a small fortune by now, LOL! But what can I say; they're both great products the help people keep their teeth really clean! I suppose the decision gets down to: do you want something that spins or that vibrates?

As you know, I don't sell either product (for various reasons -- decisions you make in a newish small business -- trying to keep my inventory manageable, etc). Who knows; I may sell one or both of them in the future.

Anyway, I know for a fact that my dental checkups improved a LOT after I began using the Sonicare...I think that was 8 or 9 years ago (way before getting braces). I used to brush twice a day with a manual toothbrush and I hated to floss because certain teeth were crooked (hard to get the floss in there), and others were too tight (even Glide was painful!)

I bought my Sonicare at my dentist's office. First my husband got his (from the same dentist) and liked it so much that I decided to get one, too. (I know you can use one handle and change heads, but we thought it was easier and more hygienic to just get two).

Soon my semi-annual teeth cleanings went from "Lynn, you have to do a better job" to "Lynn, you're doing a great job!" It was just the Sonicare!

Well of course nowadays, with my teeth being straighter and not as tight, I brush and floss regularly. It's pathetic that it took all these years for me to understand how important good oral hygiene is (witness all the fillings in the photos of my teeth). Between the Sonicare and my braces, I'm a changed woman! :crazy:

My kids, who are both under age 12, each have the Crest Spinbrush. That works really well for them, and the price can't be beat (~$8 per brush, available in just about every store). If they drop it and destroy it, it's easier to replace than something that costs >$50!

I think that any gadget that helps keep your teeth cleaner is worth the money. I take a good look at my mother-in-law, who recently lost most of her teeth to periodontal disease. Full dentures at age 73. No way am I ever going down that road without a fight!
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#23 Post by smile »

I'm getting the Oral-b professional care soon. Haven't decided if I should buy the 7000 series or the 8000. They don't seem to be much different.. but who doesn't want the latest? I've considered getting the Sonicare but wow - the brush heads are expensive! $35 (cdn) for one. I think the oral-b ones were 3 for $20 or $25. I can't remember which. I'll post what I think of it after. I'm quite excited about getting them. How geeky am I? [and I don't even have braces in yet :P]

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#24 Post by Dee »

Hi I bought sonicare toothbrushes for my Son who has braces and for myself (not in braces yet). Wow what a difference. After only one week my teeth look better and feel sooooooo clean :lol: . I have always been semi-obsessive about brushing and flossing as I hate the feel of dirty teeth.

One thing I note though is that you chaps in America pay a lot less for your sonicare brushes. Mine cost £62 each and these are the fairly basic model, not the latest ones. The replacement brush heads are really expensive too :(

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#25 Post by gorie »

i just bought a sonicare elite 7300 a few days ago, i like it a lot. my problem with it though is that i have a hard time keeping enough toothpaste on it to last ! it's like i have to reapply for each section of my mouth, cuz it just vibrates off, and the braces make it harder to spread the toothpaste !! guess i'll have to get use to that . i doubt it would be as hard if the braces weren't there.
i also have to adjust to the right pressure to apply to my teeth. if i do it too light, i feel like i'm missing too many spots. and if i apply more pressure i am afraid i will ruin something on my braces.

i think it was worth the investment tho i just have to get use to it i think.. i can tell it would clean teeth way better than manual tho

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#26 Post by smile »

I finally got the Oral-b professional care toothbrush. I ended up buying the 7000 series since it was 1/2 the price for very little differences in the 2 series. Wow - I love it. It rotates so fast and your teeth feel so clean after. (Brushing still feels odd to me though.) I've told some of my friends to check it out but they all looked at me like I'm insane. "That much for a toothbrush? Thanks, I think I'll stick with a normal toothbrush." But I keep telling them you keep your teeth forever and you should take care of them but they just won't listen. They don't know what they're missing.

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#27 Post by marcella »

To be honest, I didn't like mine ( my doctor gives one free to each patient) Besides the horrible tickling feeling, I felt I needed to scrub harder and went back to my regular toothbrush. I like to really push down and scrub hard every inch with firm bristles and lots of toothpaste. The sonicare has such a light touch and small head. It cleaned my teeth ok, but they feel cleaner when I can really scrub 'em.

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#28 Post by Betsey »

Marcella, you might want to be careful about bearing down and brushing so hard. I'm probably going to have to have gum grafts because of having doen that all my life. That's why I'm using the Sonicare, partly -- to keep me from brushing so hard.
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#29 Post by smile »

^ I second that. My brother's enamels worn because of excessive scrubbing when brushing.. and wow - he gives one to each patient? That's awesome.

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#30 Post by teapotter »

I am glad to see so many positive comments about the Sonicare in this thread. My ortho also provides one to all his patients who have braces. I am having a little difficulty getting used to the vibration though and I am probably one of those who brush too vigorously with my old fashioned sort of brush. The sonicare does seem to be much gentler so I have had a hard time to get my head around the fact that it does a good job. My ortho must also think it does a good job or he wouldn't insist on his patients using one. He told me when I needed brush heads to come to the office and I could get them for cost (not sure what that is yet) so I guess that is also good since I looked at the local Walmart who wanted $40 for a package of 2 heads which is not exactly inexpensive. I am also finding that I need much less toothpaste with this gadget than the old toothbrush

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