Plackers Orthopick Flossers

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Re: Plackers Orthopick Flossers

#16 Post by EWUgal15 »

I thought these would be awesome, but I have a hard time getting them under my wires. My mom bought me a fair few bags of them for Christmas and for a while, they were great for my molars. Not so much now. I'll hang on to them and use them post braces life though.

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Re: Plackers Orthopick Flossers

#17 Post by Kaelyn »

Love them! Even with my supper tight spaces I can still use them. Much better than the spam spam spam ones. :shock: :tingrin:

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Re: Plackers Orthopick Flossers

#18 Post by sandraa15 »

these flossers are a godsent and my favourite tool to floss with :) .. i would be flossing for hours if i didn't have them. I had to order them online from the USA as they are not stocked anywhere in Australia.

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