Do you have fillings?

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Do you have fillings?

#1 Post by notyetbraced »


new member here!
Just what the title says. Do you have fillings/crowns etc?

To be honest, I got my first yesterday (22 YO) :oops: I am not yet braced, but I visited the dentist and told me to visit an ortho! Sever crowding on bottom arch, a small overbite!

Cheers! :D

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#2 Post by Tovin »

I have 3 fillings, 4 crowns, and a missing tooth (molar extraction from a year and a half ago). Needless to say, being braced as a young one wasn't an option when regular dental visits weren't an option either! :)

I was braced last Wed, May 26th!

I grilled each of my ortho consultations on their experience with crowns, what the chances were of issues arising, and how they'd deal with it. I found one I was comfortable with and who had experience in both adults, AND those with lots of work done.

Just talk openly about your concerns with your ortho!

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#3 Post by macgirl4ever »

I have "virgin" teeth. No cavities, no crowns, and except for my wisdom teeth, they are all still there. Part of the reason I got braces was because I wanted to continue to keep it that way. If you read through other people's stories, however, you'll notice that a lot of people on this board have had all manner of dental work done before they were braced. It won't hold you back from becoming an orthodontic patient. If your dental work prevents the ortho from directly or indirectly attaching the bracket, s/he can use bands. Also, no one really visit this part of the board. I've noticed that if I want other people's opinions quickly, it's better to post to the mental mouth part of the index. Good luck!
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#4 Post by chloerae »

I have 4 fillings from when I was a kid that were originally the metal ones but I had them refilled with the white fillings about 5 years ago. Anyway they have meshed well with my dental & orthodontic plan so far and no problems. I've heard if you have crowns or something like that you may have some issues.

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#5 Post by msbee »

I've got 2 fillings on my lower molars, and one btwn my front incisors!
The one in front is the worst, it's fairly visible, and in less than 2 years, it has become slightly discoloured and ill fitting =( It's being hidden by the archwire so it's not too obvious now.
I'll be re-doing it only when my braces come off.
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#6 Post by sillyface »

Like you, I didn't have my first cavity until I was 22. I have a white filling in one of my upper molars.

I've had my braces for 18 mos. now and so far, no problems. I'm scheduled to get them off next month.

I've heard if you have the metal fillings, there can be an issue with them discoloring an essix retainer at the contact point but other than that, I haven't heard of any difficulties associated with them.

Good luck!

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#7 Post by sadpanda »

I have fillings, but I don't know how many because they're all white and I can't even see them. Before I got braced, my dentist said I have two teeth that are 1/3 of the way to having cavities, but I never did anything. I got braced and I'm sure the cavities will appear just because it's harder to brush and floss now.

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#8 Post by WoodWillow »

I have so many fillings I can't even guess how many are in there. Stoopid tight molars!

My two front teeth are porcelain crowns thanks to an accident I had when I was 10.

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#9 Post by sjs8906 »

I had my first cavities when I was 17. About a year before that I became addicted to Mt. Dew (prior to I didn't drink soda) - and when I went for my cleaning I found that I had FIVE cavities!


My dentist let me know that it was most likely due to that "sugar-water" I was constantly drinking.

Needless to say, I dropped the soda habit that day and haven't had a cavity since.

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#10 Post by bouncintigger96 »

Soda and sweets are my problem. Since May I've had 11 fillings and three extractions.Getting braced on Aug 9th 2010 and I"m very excited!

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#11 Post by NervousNewbie »

No cavities, fillings, crowns, etc... knock on wood! I do have a little pain in one of my teeth so maybe I should not speak so soon! Go to the ortho on 9/23 and I'll definitely have more info then.

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#12 Post by EstelleDeParis »

I have 2 fillings, 4 crowns and missing 4 molars. I can not chew well anymore.

Plan is to get braced then get 2 molar implants. I hate my teeth and I don't think I'll ever like them. All I want is to avoid loosing more and be able to eat!

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#13 Post by BraceFace2o1o »

I am 24 and have two fillings in my (upper left 2nd molar and upper right 2nd molar), these were done 10 years ago.
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Re: Do you have fillings?

#14 Post by ray1234 »

I have 4 fillings. I think you can not avoid it for all time.

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Re: Do you have fillings?

#15 Post by LittleTooth »

I used to have 3 metal fillings on 2 lower 1st molars and 1 upper 1st molar that were done when I was 10-12 (blame it on candy). Thanks to my previous incompetent (trying to be as polite as possible) dentist, I ended up replacing the 2 lower molar fillings with crowns and replaced the upper metal filling with composite. Apparently, my "wonderful" dentist did the metal fillings in 2 visits and she forgot(?) to remove the temporary material she had used. The temporary material was absorbing stuff and expanding and both of my molars cracked and one day while I was chewing a chilled piece of dark chocolate the filling on one of the lower molars came off completely along with half of the tooth. The other molar had cracked as well some time in the past without me realizing it and got infected and needed a root canal. I thought that tooth was ok until we took x-rays and saw the massive cavity underneath the filling. The remaining filling on my upper molar discolored my tooth. It so black it looks like it's dead, but it's not. I recently needed one more tiny filling in a 2nd molar.

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