Little tiny brush

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Steph in Sac
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Little tiny brush

#1 Post by Steph in Sac »

I got a little tiny Christmas-tree shaped brush when I got my braces on. I put it in my purse thinking it'd help get out junk while away from home. I never used it. I just went in for a dental cleaning last week and the hygenist has braces. She talked about the advantages of this brush and now I love it! It gets all the spots I'm afraid my toothbrush can't reach. I so do not want stained teeth so I use this little guy everywhere.

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Re: Little tiny brush

#2 Post by graciebaby28 »

My daughter loves this brush, too. I'm hoping I can find them online somewhere so she has more than just the one they gave her. She carries it in her pocket for school, so I'm always afraid it will get lost.

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Re: Little tiny brush

#3 Post by ashesgap »

Piksters the purple one, I think it's size 1. Go to the Piksters website, or amazon. I love them, and use them still.
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Re: Little tiny brush

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We carry several different types of these at
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Re: Little tiny brush

#5 Post by Bloomingcactus657 »

You can find them at most places :) You can also find some little floss pickers designed for braces. I used those for awhile but the christmas tree brushes are better

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Re: Little tiny brush

#6 Post by Candyland »

I love these brushes too! I use them everytime I brush. Thankfully my ortho gave me a whole bag of them! :)

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