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Love your electric toothbrush? Hate that yucky mouthwash? Can't live without that terrific threader floss? Got a fave canker sore remedy? Here's where you can post your opinions and reviews of specific products relating to dental hygiene and your braces. Tell others what works....and what doesn't!

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#16 Post by funshine »

Nope, it's not an ortho brush. Just a regular 'ol toothbrush.

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#17 Post by ¤sabrina¤ »

i used a reg brush for the first 2mths of being braced
i find the ortho brush is easier to use as it allows me to brush everything all at once, insted of with a normal to brush the gumline, then above the brackets etc as if i tried to use a reg and brush the brackets the bristles tended to get stuck and pull on my brackets (i have 3m smartclips, kinda bulky)
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#18 Post by rdrisc99 »

i, too, use the preserve brushes. they have ones with 'ultra soft' bristles and are fantastic! i discovered them in february when i had a crown put on and came to love them even more in may when i got braced!

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#19 Post by Lela »

An excellent very soft toothbrush is the Dr. Collins Perio brush. I had been using the Oral-B extra soft brush and the Dr. Collins is a lot softer. It's almost as soft as the brush my periodontist gave me after my gum grafts, but it does a much better cleaning job.

I also like the Wisdom Click brush in sensitive. It has a bit of a V cut so it works good around the brackets and everything and is also quite soft.

Another great product I just discovered is Dr. Tung's Smart Floss. I love it.
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#20 Post by zaire090 »

I like the ones made by Oral-B.

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#22 Post by cgraziat »

My Ortho's assistant suggested a toddler brush because it's soft and small.

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